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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Steven leads off by saying that if Brynn ever hit him again, and he slapped her in return, he would be done for the rest of his life, because he would always be known as the guy who hit a girl. So, wait. He thinks that Brynn should be booted because he might, potentially, maybe, hit her? Good one. Steven dramatically repeats, "For the rest of my life!" Brynn cries and cries. Alton says he thinks that the situation can be worked out, and that Brynn's actions wouldn't be repeated, but that it's ultimately Steven's decision. Frank also thinks it's Steven's decision, although he doesn't agree with it. In other words, no one wants to be responsible for kicking Brynn out; they want to be able to blame it on Steve later if it comes off badly. Arissa tells Steve that everything he's saying is valid, but that she wonders if he will still feel the same way in the morning. Steve doesn't know. Arissa asks if he wants to try sleeping on the decision, or if he wants Brynn to leave tonight. Steven says that he "cannot have this liability." What liability? That he might potentially hit her in the event that she hits him again? Irulan has clearly been involved in some therapy, as she says to Steven, "I see where you're coming from. I hear that you feel violated. I don't think that she was right in putting her hands on you, but I honestly think that you are being a little bit overly cautious." Irulan thinks that if Steven slept on it, he might feel differently. You know what I'm kind of getting from this? That Steven is drunk (or otherwise under the influence), since they're all dressed like they just came in from a night out, and that's why Irulan and Arissa (who are dressed like they stayed in) are trying to encourage him to sober up before making this decision. Steven sums up by saying that three people think it's his decision to make. Trishelle says that she also thinks it's Steven's decision. Steven says that his decision is made.

In an interview, Frank says that Steven is the only person who wants to throw Brynn out, but that everyone else agrees that it's Steven's decision. Well, thanks for the recap of what we just saw. Brynn sits quietly and cries throughout. Steven says that Brynn isn't sad because she feels bad about what she did. Brynn says, "Have you asked me?" Steven arrogantly says that he's tried to talk to her many times, and that he doesn't want to hear it anymore. Brynn says she can't talk about things until she's ready. Steven asks if he's just supposed to take her bleep in the meantime. Brynn says she's not trying to give him bleep. Steven says that she's been giving him bleep for a very long time. Trishelle starts picking her teeth. Sexy. Brynn asks if Steven really wants to know why she doesn't like him. Steven asks why. Brynn whines that she really does like him, and that she's jealous of him and Trishelle, and that she deals with it by getting pissed off. Brynn says that she knows Trishelle likes Steven, and that she's trying not to hurt Trishelle, and to be a good friend. How is forking Steven being a good friend? You know, I don't know why I try to follow the logic here, because there clearly isn't any. Brynn is obviously just saying whatever she can think of to stay in the house, and Steven is saying whatever he can think of that will sound good in the promos. Brynn concludes, "It's because I like you, okay? That's why I've been being this way." She lets out a fake little sob. Steven pauses dramatically, then leans forward and says, "Brynn, this is not elementary school. I want you gone. This is not elementary school. I do not take that. I do not take that as a valid excuse. I knew that was what was going on. I appreciate that you actually came clean and said that. But you know that if I had hit you back, that would have ruined my life." Brynn says that this is ruining hers. Steven shoots back that she ruined her own life. Seriously. This is like a high school play. None of them has any conviction or emotion behind what they're saying. They're all just playing to the cameras. Steven keeps repeating that Brynn ruined her own life. Some of the roommates tell Steven to stop, and Irulan tells him that if he's going to kick Brynn out, he doesn't need to degrade her first. Steven repeats that he wants Trishelle gone and shrugs, and then stares at her creepily. Everyone looks sad. The meeting breaks up.

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