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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Steven apologizes to someone. Frank tells him to stop apologizing. Steven says that, either way, it's going to be screwed up. Frank tries to make sure Brynn is okay. Brynn runs over to the phone and calls her mom. She says she thinks she's coming home, and that she's going to get kicked out. Her mom asks why, and Brynn says that she threw a fork at one of her roommates. How can you even say that without laughing out loud? I laughed out loud when she said it. In an interview, Brynn says that she doesn't think she's a violent person, but that she holds things inside, and sometimes it's too much. Brynn tells her mom all the names that Steven called her. Steven stands outside and listens in. Brynn shakes and cries and says that she thinks she's just going to come home because it's easier than staying. Her mom says it's not like her to give up, and Brynn says that there's nothing she can do about it. I buy that Brynn is genuinely upset here, but I think she's upset about leaving the house, not upset that Steven doesn't love her like he loves Trishelle (which is to say, not much and only at night). Brynn tells her mom, "This is, like, my life." Steven stands nearby and puts his hands over his face. The music on the soundtrack lets us know that he is "soul-searching" and that there's "nothing inside." Heh.

There are papers all over the floor. There are dirty dishes in the sink. And the fork. Is still on the floor. I love the close-ups of the fork. I don't even think it's the same fork in every shot. It doesn't matter. Just seeing the fork makes me laugh. Alton asks Brynn how she's going to rectify the situation. Brynn says that she can't, and that she's going to go home because of what she did. She says, "Trust me -- my life will be forever changed because of what I did." Isn't that a line from a movie? It is! It's from the Ben Affleck monologue in Chasing Amy, where he tells Joey Lauren Adams that he doesn't need a painting of some birds from a diner to remind him of how he feels about her. And said monologue always annoys me because it ends in a preposition. In an interview, Brynn says that she wants Steven to know that she's sorry, and that she reacted that way because it's what she knows.

Brynn whines to the other female roommates that she quit her job, and has nothing left at home for her. She thought being on the show was her one chance to avoid getting pregnant, so now she'll have to go home and get knocked up. Because B/M provides free condoms and she can't afford them on her own? I still don't get why so many people on the show (and off) see being a roommate as this great opportunity. This great opportunity to do what? Meet other people? You can't meet other people unless you go on the show? Get famous? Is that the kind of fame you really want -- all of the hassle and none of the money or prestige? I guess since I don't understand why anyone would want to be on this show, I can't understand why Brynn is so sad to leave. Anyway, the other women basically tell her that she can still make something of herself even if she gets kicked out. Brynn says that she had a really good time. In an interview, Arissa says that she doesn't want to see Brynn go home, and that even though Brynn can drive her crazy, she deserves "this experience" as much as the other six of them do. Which is to say, not at all.

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