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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Arissa advises Steve to talk to Brynn before he makes a decision. Steve says that he thinks he's being rational, and that he made "some amazing points." I think he only had one point, and it was that he doesn't want Brynn to stay because then he might have to hit her. Arissa seems to kind of agree with me, because she tells Steve that he made his points, but she leaves out the "amazing" part. Arissa thinks Steve should talk to Brynn so that no one thinks it was a hasty decision. Steve says he'll make the same decision in the morning. In an interview, Steve says that he's "putting up a very valid argument about why she should go." He can keep saying that as much as he wants, but it still won't be true. Steve decides that he can "oblige Arissa." Power trip, much?

Steve and Brynn sit out in the hallway. Steve says that he wants to hear her side. Brynn says she knows that no matter what she says, she's going home. Way to start your argument on a winning note. That's like a defense attorney standing up and saying, "I know that no matter what I say, my client is going to the gas chamber." Brynn reiterates that she acted out of jealousy, that she didn't know how to talk to him about it rationally, and that she didn't want Steven and Trishelle to feel uncomfortable. In an interview, Steve says he doesn't know if Brynn is being genuine. Brynn says that it doesn't make sense, but that she has a hard time expressing herself to people. She doesn't want anyone to feel threatened by her, and she thinks she comes off as more of a hard-ass than she really is. I don't find her threatening or a hard-ass. Then again, she didn't toss a fork at my arm, and then leave it lying on the floor. I mean, what if they had company? And all their good forks were lying on the floor?

Brynn throws out the old trope about how she doesn't want to seem soft, because letting people in means that she might get hurt. Steve says that not letting people in makes you dead inside (like Trishelle and him), and that it makes it easier to say mean things. Steven says faux-sincerely that even if you get hurt, at least you are feeling something. I think he probably saw that on Jenny Jones once. Brynn says that she doesn't want to find out who she really is, because she's afraid that she'll end up like her parents. Her mom was in rehab and apparently got beat up. By Brynn's dad? Or stepdad? Or a complete stranger? That part is unclear. Steve says that Brynn is him when he was twenty, with the "misguided anger and hostility," and that he knows exactly where she's coming from. Steve tells Brynn that he thinks this is her rock bottom. Brynn thinks she's below rock bottom. Steve says that not until he was Brynn's age did he realize that he couldn't use his past as a crutch. Brynn asks if he had help. Steve says that he met his wife. I'm still curious about that whole divorce situation, but I'm sure it will come up later on. They haven't had time yet with the hot tubs and the drinking and the grody bosses and the threesomes.

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