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Screaming and Yelling

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Screaming and Yelling

Nicole walks down the street. Nicole voice-overs that her family was poor and on welfare when she was younger. She says that her mom got involved with a man who had a drug habit. When he wasn't high, there was constant arguing. Her mother got stabbed and hit with a baseball bat, and would steal for him. In an interview, Nicole cries and says that her mom valued her boyfriend and his drug habit more than she valued her kids. That sucks a lot.

Kevin and Malik go out to a bar. In an interview, Kevin says that he and Malik have similar outlooks -- laid-back. Malik gets a phone number from some white chick. In an interview, Malik says that he and Kevin are very close. Maybe Malik should think about dating white boys -- namely Kevin. They love each other. Malik and Kevin talk to some white chicks and do shots together.

At home, Nicole tells Malik that when people date outside their race, you have to ask why. Nicole points out that a black man might treat a white woman as an object, or date her to gain status. Quarrel and Rachel listen in. Malik says that ideally he would marry a black woman. Nicole wonders why he bothers dating white women, then, because God forbid you date anyone that you wouldn't want to marry. Quarrel points out all of the ways that Malik dresses and acts as if he is Afrocentric -- his Afro, the incense, the reggae music. Hey, I have white friends that have Afros, burn incense, and listen to reggae music. We call them pot smokers. ["Hey, leave me out of this." -- Wing Chun] Quarrel can't believe that Malik hasn't had sex with black women, and that he has had multiple dates with white women. Quarrel says that it's confusing to her and Nicole, as black women, to see Malik so into black culture and yet still date white women. Nicole says that Quarrel is inside her head, because she's saying exactly what Nicole is thinking. In an interview, Nicole says that Malik puts out an image of black culture, but then dates white girls. Nicole tells Malik that she wants him to be happy, but that he should not put out an image of being into black culture if he's not going to follow through with who he dates. Nicole brings up Malik's Marcus Garvey t-shirt as an example. In an interview, Nicole explains that Marcus Garvey was all about not mixing the races and getting the black people to go back to Africa where they could have "their own thing." Nicole wonders how you can believe in Marcus Garvey and date white girls, and compares it to someone "wearing a Ku Klux Klan shirt and dating Patti LaBelle." ["Hey, leave Patti out of this." -- Wing Chun] Malik tries to get a word in edgewise, and Nicole gets upset that he is "disrespecting" her. Kevin and Rachel watch from upstairs. In an interview, Quarrel says that Nicole feels that Malik has misled her. Nicole says that she's losing respect for Malik because he doesn't stand for anything. In a confessional, Nicole says that Malik is "such a fronter."

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