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Screaming and Yelling

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Screaming and Yelling

Okay, the episode could have ended right here as far as I'm concerned. We got the major issues. Nicole thinks that Malik should only date black women and is not shy about saying so. Malik doesn't necessarily agree. Nicole thinks that Malik is sending out an image of being all about black culture, but he's not. This causes problems between Nicole and Malik, even though they were interested in one another before. That's really all you need to know.

Bunim: Okay, so that's the main plot. What's the subplot in this episode?
Murray: Um...we don't exactly have one.
Bunim: You mean this whole episode is going to be that drag queen blathering about race relations?
Murray: Don't worry. We managed to get multiple conversations of them all saying the same things ten different ways.
Bunim: I can't watch this crap. Turn it to thirtysomething on Bravo.

Kevin and Lori eat breakfast and discuss dating outside of your race. Wow, they have a lot of food in their house. Kevin says that Nicole wants Malik to date only black girls, and Kevin thinks that it's 2001, and you should be allowed to date who you want. In an interview, Kevin says that Malik and Nicole have issues, and that he's not getting in the middle of it. Kevin points out that Nicole's mother is white. Lori is surprised to hear that. Kevin says that it doesn't make sense that Nicole is be so judgmental about interracial dating, and that is why Kevin has "had a beef with [Nicole] the last couple of days." Kevin doesn't think that Nicole practices what she preaches. Wait -- just because Nicole's mom is white, Kevin thinks that Nicole automatically has to approve of interracial dating? It's not like Nicole hates white people. She is just very into her culture, and wants to have a family with someone who shares that love. It makes perfect sense to me. I don't think that she should be so bossy about it with Malik, but I can understand why black women feel like there are few marriageable black men out there, so they don't want any of "the good ones" like Malik to marry white girls. I don't know. This is so not my issue. I'm just going to shut up now. Kevin says that he stays out of Malik and Nicole's arguments, because it's not his place.

Same shit, different day. Nicole tells Malik that she expects a lot of him, and that sometimes her attitude comes off as critical. She thinks it's her responsibility as a black person to call him out. In an interview, Nicole says that although she is half-white, she identifies as black because that's how she is treated in America. Malik tells Nicole that he doesn't agree with some of the things she says, but that he still wants to be there for her, and not alienate himself from her. In an interview, Malik says he, Nicole, and Quarrel are family beyond the house because they are part of a larger culture. Nicole wants Malik to talk to her about issues first, before talking to Kevin. She compares it to talking about family business in the family before talking to the neighbors.

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