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Screaming and Yelling

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Screaming and Yelling

Malik, Kevin, and Mike are going to be extras in a rap video. Malik invited everyone, but only those two came. They meet up with their contact, but the video has been delayed. In a confessional, Mike explains that while they were waiting, everyone started freestyling. Mike looks confused, listening to the rapping. Malik says that he didn't want the night to end, so he invited the rappers to the house. In a confessional, Mike says that he knew the girls would be upset. The boys and their friends walk in, and there must be about ten or fifteen of them. Okay, it is kind of rude to invite that many people over without checking with your roommates first. In a confessional, Quarrel calls it "the Soul Train line." The guests hang out and play pool. Quarrel and Nicole observe from the sidelines and talk about the mess accumulating. Mike tells some guy that the guys and the girls in the house don't hang out together. Mike thinks that the guys are like brothers. The other guy observes that the girls seem cool. Mike explains that he tries, but that the girls don't. In an interview, Mike says that he says hello and stuff, but that the girls won't talk to him. ["Yeah. Because he's a guy. It's totally not because he's a tool." -- Wing Chun] One of the guys offers to take the girls on a tour of the ghetto. Quarrel thinks that touring the ghetto is "a bit passé." One of the guys looks disgusted with Quarrel. "Tour the ghetto" guy calls Nicole "a shut-down person." Quarrel pretends to pull something out of her pocket and flips him off. Talk about passé! My friends and I used to do that in college, which was, like, six years ago. Disgusted Guy walks away, saying that they hurt his feelings, and tells Kevin and Malik what happened. In an interview, Kevin says that he's not open to Nicole and Quarrel because they have a bad attitude and show complete disrespect.

Quarrel tells Nicole and Kevin that there is tension in the house. Kevin thinks that it's between Nicole and Malik. Nicole says that no one in the house but her and Quarrel can understand what's going on. Kevin says that he understands, but that he feels that Nicole has been hypocritical. Nicole tells him that he can't understand because he's not a black woman. In a confessional, Kevin says that he thinks Nicole is disrespectful when she argues with Malik. Kevin tells Nicole that he doesn't like the way she handles herself in arguments, but that he doesn't want to argue about it. Nicole tells him not to bring it up if he doesn't want to argue. Kevin asks why she has to yell. Nicole gets up from her chair and yells some more, saying that it's none of Kevin's business what goes on between her and Malik. Kevin says that Malik is his friend. Nicole gets more and more upset, putting her fingers in Kevin's face, and saying that he doesn't know where she comes from. In a confessional, a crying Nicole says that she argues that way because her mother does. At some point, Kevin got up and walked a distance away, and Nicole followed him. Kevin tells her not to throw the race card, because it's stupid. Could he be any more condescending? Kevin tells her that Malik confides in him because he's Malik's only outlet. In an interview, Kevin says that Malik is his best friend, so Malik will come to him about issues in the house. Nicole gets all up in Kevin's grill, saying that it's not his business. Kevin keeps repeating that it is his business, and then tells her to get her fingers out of his face. Nicole screams, "I don't have to! I! Don't! Have to!" Kevin tells her that he feels sorry for her. Nicole doesn't want his sympathy and tells him not to talk to her for the rest of the time they are in the house. Kevin says that he will continue to be cordial to her, but Nicole isn't having it. She says that she doesn't want to hear from Kevin the rest of the time they are in the house. Wow. All I can say about that is that I think they are both at fault. Nicole is unable to have a reasoned discussion without screaming and yelling, and Kevin is so condescending that he would make the calmest person want to scream and yell. Also, I can't believe that Quarrel didn't butt in with her two cents, since she was sitting right there.

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