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Screaming and Yelling

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Screaming and Yelling

Malik, Lori, Kevin, and Mike walk down the street. Mike says that Nicole was "screeching the entire time." Mike says that Nicole was "out of control." In an interview, Kevin says that he's lost all respect for Nicole, "because of the way she carries herself and the way she acts." Kevin talks about how hypocritical Nicole is, because she told Kevin not to discuss their issues with any other roommates, and yet Nicole probably ran right to Quarrel to discuss her issues with Kevin. Cut to Nicole being hypocritical by discussing it with Quarrel and Rachel. Quarrel says that her arguments with Mike are short, because she just tells him to shut up, and walks away. Yeah, that's something to be proud of. In a confessional, Nicole says that she's happy to have Quarrel there -- to have someone who understands where she is coming from. Nicole says that when she gets mad, she's not a good talker, so she yells. In a confessional, Nicole says that she's sad because she let Kevin get her angry. She thinks that most of that was due to Malik's talking behind her back. Nicole explains that she wanted Malik to talk to her first, before talking to others. Suddenly, Malik is back in the house, even though he was just out on the street with the others. I'm so confused. In an interview, Nicole says that she has lost trust in Malik.

Bunim: Man, that Hope and Michael Steadman sure are whiny. They're almost as bad as the London cast.
Murray: But don't you think Gary is cute? Can you believe they killed him off in the last season?
Bunim: I wonder if we could get away with killing someone off. Lord knows we tried with Ruthie.

Nicole tells Malik that she is hurt beyond belief, and that she doesn't consider him a brother anymore; she adds that she wants the two of them to take a walk in the morning so that they can talk without involving the other roommates. Apparently, Malik has no choice in whether to take this walk. Nicole has dictated it, and it is so! In an interview, Nicole says that she expected a lot from Malik. Nicole asks him again not to repeat anything she says to anyone else in the house, especially someone who's not black. Malik says that is cool, and Nicole walks away.

Malik immediately tells Kevin about it. What is it with these people not being able to keep something to themselves? Kevin thinks that Nicole has a lot of anger. Malik says that Nicole had high expectations for them, and that he understands that they have a common culture, but that he doesn't agree that he shouldn't talk to white people about his problems. In an interview, Malik says that he's color-blind in his friendships. Malik tells Kevin that he doesn't know whether he will be close with Nicole after this, but if that's what happens, "so be it."

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