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Sense of Wonder

The next morning, Adam screams to Mallory that she has a phone call. Mallory, who seems totally hung over, asks Adam to take a message. Adam talks to Mallory's mom, who says that she knows Mallory likes to "party hearty." Mallory's mom continues to humiliate her daughter on national television by revealing that Mallory was voted runner-up for Biggest Partier in high school, and that they like to tease her that if she didn't play sports, she would've been first. Adam seems shocked and intrigued by this news. Adam interviews that Mallory has an "exciting and intriguing" side of her that he wants to get to know better, but that he doesn't want to be "overzealous" and chase her around the house. Then there's a montage of Adam practically chasing Mallory around the house. Wow, he's really annoying.

Adam sits in his room and sings to himself. He voice-overs that he uses his writing as therapy to get out his frustrations. So I imagine this song is about Ace? In a confessional, Adam wears a stupid bowler hat and sings (or raps) his song. It goes:

I will not be afraid to lie
I will not be afraid to cry
I will not be afraid inside
And I will not hide my family pride.
I will not eat them in a box.
I will not eat them with a fox

Okay, I might have added in those last two lines. And also, huh? It's no "Come on Be My Baby Tonight." It's barely even as good as "The Tanky Song." Adam interviews that his father is a member of The Commodores (not Lionel Richie). Adam voice-overs that he doesn't think he'll ever be as successful or as good as his dad. Well, given that his dad was responsible for "Brick House," I think that's a pretty good bet. In the confessional, Adam continues his song:

I will not be afraid of this place
Or afraid of a girl who requires a chase

He's afraid of girls? Thought so. Later, Mallory and Adam play pool. Adam says that he wrote a song, which to me is really just him hoping that she'll ask to hear it. Like, just ask if she wants to hear it, dude. Adam says he hopes to write a song every week. God, I hope we don't have to hear them all. Mallory says that she only writes poetry when she's emotional. Adam says that it feels therapeutic, and that even if his song sucks, he feels better after writing it. Mallory asks if she can hear it. Adam interviews that he has a connection with Mallory, and that it's wonderful that she's interested in the song. Mallory interviews that Adam's song is a way for him to express his feelings. Adam pretends he just remembered that the song is partially about Mallory, and is all obvious about saying that there's one part he can't sing for her. Mallory laughs and jokes, "Oh, I wonder what that's about, then." Adam can't just let it lie, and has to say that it's about her. Back in the confessional, we are tortured by more of this "song".

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