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Sense of Wonder

I'm sick of hooking up and not remembering names
But I'm also sick of hiding feelings, playing the games.
But I will not be afraid to quit
If a girl's not feeling me and giving me shit

That truly is a masterpiece for our times. Hey, he didn't have to go and perform it in the confessional. He could've kept it to himself.

Eiffel Tower Shot Quatre. Ace and Leah hang out in Ace's room. Ace complains that his room is dirty. Already? He shows Leah a picture of his mom. Ace interviews that his mother died of breast cancer three years ago. Ace says that his mom was like his sister, and that she gave him advice. He adds that he's scared that he'll get married and his wife will get breast cancer. That's actually kind of sad. Ace says that it was painful to see his mom go through that, and that she fought cancer for thirteen years. Leah looks glum as the Sad Music of Ace's Dead Mom plays. Because B/M is all about exploiting family tragedy for good television. Later, Leah tells Mallory about Ace's mom, and adds that Leah always wears a pink ribbon to promote awareness of breast cancer. She does? This is the first time I've noticed it. Now I'm totally going to be looking for it. Leah interviews that breast cancer is her cause. Leah tells Mallory that she thinks Ace's problems with smoking are cancer-related. Or that he hates the smell, which is what he said. Leah feels like every time she smokes, she's reminding Ace of his mom, and that she feels bad. Well, that might be taking it a little far. She shouldn't smoke, sure. In a confessional, Leah says that she keeps remembering Ace talking about his wife potentially dying of breast cancer. Later, Ace and Leah walk outside. Leah says that she's going to quit smoking, and Ace says he's happy for her. Again, quitting smoking? Good. Quitting smoking for this reason? Weird. But I guess anything that gets her to quit is good. Ace interviews that he'll try to help Leah out. Leah interviews that Ace is reason enough for her to quit.

In rapid succession, we get Eiffel Tower Shots Cinq, Six, et Sept. The roommates go out to a club, dancing. Adam dances goofily with Mallory, who laughs and laughs. Adam interviews that he's a goofball and that he tries to make things fun. Adam dances around like a clown, trying to keep Mallory's attention. She stops looking at him to take a drink, and he keeps yelling her name. Adam interviews that he gets infatuated quickly, and that Mallory has everything he looks for in a woman. Mallory dances while Simon (I think) grabs her from behind and totally feels her up. Mallory interviews that she likes to party and that she's outgoing. She adds that when she's out, she usually ends up making out with someone. As you do. Mallory dances with Simon, and he asks some guy's name. The guy's face is blurred, and he still manages to look totally cheeseball. His name is Dre. I guess we're supposed to think Simon was trying to hook Mallory up, but maybe he was looking to hook up himself. Adam, meanwhile, is dancing with some other girl, but keeps turning to check out what Mallory is up to. Mallory squeezes Dre's arm and laughs. Adam interviews that he can look in a woman's eyes and tell if she's attracted to him, and that he knows Mallory isn't. So what's the big? She's not. Move on.

The roommates sit on the train, going home. Adam keeps glaring at Mallory. Adam interviews that he wants to have somebody (Ace), and when he can't, he gets frustrated and upset, which leads to anger. Didn't Yoda give a speech about that in The Phantom Menace? Is Adam going to turn into Darth Vader now? We come in on the middle of a conversation between Mallory and Adam. We have no idea what they were talking about, but they disagree on something. Adam starts yelling at Mallory to show some emotion. Chris interviews that Adam resents Mallory because he doesn't think he has a chance with her. Adam accuses Mallory of being a zombie. Leah tells Adam to leave her alone as they all stand to exit the train. Simon looks pissed. Mallory looks amused. Simon interviews that he was a bit shocked. Chris interviews that he told Adam to relax. Leah assures Mallory that she's shown a lot of emotion. Adam takes the escalator with his boyfriend, Ace. Christina privately tells Adam that she's the least sensitive roommate, so if she thought Adam was out of line, he definitely was. Chris agrees. Adam walks over and apologizes to Mallory, and she tells him that it's fine. Chris, not helping things, is totally hugging up to Mallory at the time. Mallory, probably a little drunk, stumbles over her words and says she doesn't like... Adam interrupts to say that he doesn't like her and that's fine. Everyone starts talking at once. Adam interviews that he's angry because he knows he's not important to anyone in the house. He adds, "I make my friends' lives better at home, jut being me, and I don't have that here." Haven't they barely been there two days? And he wants to be important to them already? Hello?

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