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Sense of Wonder

Ace interviews that he doesn't want people in the house to hate each other. Once they get home, Ace announces that they are all going to get into the Jacuzzi. Of course they are. I can't believe they haven't yet. It turns out that the Jacuzzi is outside, and that they have to fill it up with a hose, which they run from a sink upstairs through the window. That seems like a lot of trouble. ["Seriously. This place has a lawn, but doesn't have an outdoor water faucet?" -- Wing Chun] Chris interviews that Ace is about having a good time. Ace is suddenly wearing a Viking helmet. Simon tells Christina that he's not getting in the hot tub because it's quarter to 4 in the morning, but he's smiling about it. Bye, Simon!

The hot tub is full and bubbling, and Chris, Christina, Ace, and Leah are in it. Leah asks Ace what his real name is. Ace says it's Clyde Allen. Leah thinks his name is sexy. Of course she does. They're all drinking wine. Christina interviews that Leah has openly stated that she wants Ace. Speaking of wanting people, Christina is pretty much sitting on Chris's lap. Chris interviews that Leah knows what she wants and knows how to get it, "or she thinks she knows how to get it." Someone on the forums pointed out that Chris's biggest problem is that he has a really low hairline, or a really small forehead, like Laura on Sorority Life. I think mimsy61 termed it a "threehead." So true. Ace suggests that they have a contest to see who can hold their breath the longest. Wow, that was really fun the last time I did the fourth grade. Next are they going to try to name cereals underwater and then the other person has to guess it and then Ace will go, "Trix" and Leah will guess it right but Ace will claim that he was really saying "Kix." Okay, maybe that was just me. Ace and Christina go underwater. Leah announces that she's going to bite Ace's butt. When she was talking about it earlier, I thought she was kidding. She wasn't kidding. She totally bites his butt. Ace surfaces and says that he just had his ass bit. Yes, you did. Ace interviews that he thinks Leah just likes scaring him. Or something. We don't get to see how Leah explains that one to everyone else.

Suddenly, Ace and Adam are alone in the hot tub. Is this Adam's dream sequence? Leah talks to her friend Dawn on the phone, and briefs her on the roommates. Leah says that Ace is really cute, and that she told him they should "get the job done." Ace told her that she was really straightforward, and now Leah thinks she scared him and he won't talk to her. So fuck him. I mean, not literally. Forget him. If that's how Leah is -- straightforward -- and Ace doesn't like it, there are tons of other guys out there. Adam asks Ace why he doesn't "hook up with "what's-her-name." He doesn't know Leah's name yet? Dawn tells Leah to make a peace offering, and Leah says she can't keep her hands off Ace. Dawn suggests that Leah bite his butt, and Leah sadly says, "I did." Hee! That leads me to believe that her group of friends jokes about biting butts all the time, which makes it a little less weird. I guess.

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