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Back in the hot tub, Adam wants to talk to Ace about jerking off. No, really. Adam asks Ace if he's going to jerk off. Ace says he's going to do it about three times a day. Adam says he will too, and barely restrains himself from suggesting they do it together. Adam says that Leah understands that there will be no significant relationship with Ace, so hooking up with her is just like jerking off. Wow. I can't believe he has trouble with women, when he's so sensitive and doesn't objectify them at all. What an asshole. Ace thinks that there would still be strings attached. Ace thinks that if he had approached Leah the first day and suggested a relationship, she would have blown him off, because "girls love what they can't have." Ace is all about people wanting what they can't have. That's like his life theory.

Ace walks into the house naked with the Viking hat over his package. Mallory yells that Leah would want to see it, so clearly everyone in the house knows about her crush. Ace walks through the house and everyone laughs. I don't think Leah ever did get to see it, though.

Ace and Chris play pool. Chris has, like, ten million stocking caps, which in his case is actually a good thing, although you'd think he's just cut that stupid hair instead. But he actually matches his hats to his outfits, like the gray one with the red stripe goes with the gray shirt and the black one goes with the black leather jacket. Ace says he doesn't know if he's ready to be in a long-distance relationship even though he loves Kate. Chris says that if Kate can tolerate him and he thinks it'll work, he should give it a shot. Ace laughs. Ace interviews that he's confused about "the whole Kate situation," and that he can see himself being with her, but that five months is a long time. Ace calls Kate and tells her that he loves and misses her. She says she's going to come see him. They try to make it out like Leah is trying to listen in while she plays pool, but I don't think she's anywhere near the phone. Leah interviews that Ace knows she's attracted to him, but that she knows there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. Ace and Kate say that neither of them is dating anyone now, and agree that neither of them will date anyone else while Ace is in Paris. Ace adds that there's no one in the house he's attracted to, which was kind of like saying that he'll be faithful to Kate for now, since there's no one better around. Simon interviews that Leah feels insecure because Ace doesn't like her that way.

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