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That night, Simon says in a confessional that they need some group unity, and that he would feel better if there weren't "issues bubbling between people." They've been there three days! Doesn't the whole "we need group unity" thing usually not surface until the fourth episode or so? Adam interviews that he doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell with Mallory. The roommates are all drinking and playing pool. Adam yells that people are only on earth to procreate and that love is bullshit. Whoa. Issues, man. Chris interviews that Adam's anger is like "a tidal wave, slowly forming." Adam says that girls can get sex whenever they want it. Christina yells that it's not true. Adam tells Leah, "You may not be able to get it from Ace right now, but you can get it." Talk about naming the elephant in the corner. Oh no he didn't! Everyone's face falls. Christina interviews that Adam's remark was "like an open-face slap." As opposed to a slap when the face is closed? Adam stammers that Ace is "the top .001%." Adam loves Ace so much.

I admire what Leah does here. She could run out of the room crying, but instead she stands up for herself at first. Leah asks if Adam is saying she can't get a top-notch guy. Adam says he is, and Leah says he's dead wrong. Adam says that "Ace might be able to win, like, Mr. Gorgeous." Leah asks Adam what he's saying. Adam says that Leah is too picky and that she can't have Ace. He starts yelling, "You can't have Ace!" Maybe Ace should tell Adam to shut the hell up. Leah tells Adam that she can get a guy like Ace, and invites Adam to come to New York and hang with her. She adds that he wouldn't be able to get a hot chick. I'm leaving out a lot of the "could not, could too" type stuff, but just know that there is a lot of that, and no one else is talking but Adam and Leah at this point. Adam stops and considers for a moment what he's going to say. Lest you think it was spur-of-the-moment. Adam says, "Ace, hot to the world. You throw yourself at him and you don't have an iceberg's chance in hell with Ace. He wouldn't fuck you with my dick, all right? That's the fact." Then they show footage of everyone looking uncomfortable as Leah walks away and Adam at least looks a little bit like, "What the fuck did I just say?"

Ace gets up and follows Leah out. Ace interviews that he's not at all flattered and that he thinks the whole thing is terrible. So why didn't he tell Adam to shut up? Leah runs downstairs and Ace follows. She says she doesn't want to talk right now. Ace grabs her and pulls her into a hug, assuring her that Adam didn't mean to be so mean. I think he did, actually. Adam tells the others that because of Leah's reaction, he got out of control. Still not taking responsibility for his actions, I see. Mallory interviews that Adam doesn't think before he speaks and is a bit of a hothead. Ace tells Leah that Adam isn't good with words and doesn't know how to talk. I think Ace is just making shit up at this point. Chris interviews that Adam doesn't think before he speaks. Adam stands at the top of the stairs, looking down. Adam interviews that his frustrations had been building, and unfortunately he took it out on the wrong person, because Leah didn't deserve that. And Mallory did? Because she did what to him again? Leah cries that she just wants to go to bed, and Ace offers to tuck her in. Adam's all jealous. Mallory tells Adam that he got too personal, and that he has to understand why that hurt Leah. Adam says he does. Adam interviews that his mother tells him to think fast and talk slow, but instead he thinks fast and talks fast and it's always caused him problems. Leah sobs in her bed. Mallory suggests that Adam just give Leah space and time. Adam realizes that whenever he apologizes, he's still the asshole. At least he knows that. Leah continues to sob.

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