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Sense of Wonder

A blonde woman walks on the bridge toward Ace as French accordion music plays. I think they stole that music from the France section of Epcot Center. The blonde interviews that her name is Leah, and she's twenty-two and from Glen Cove, New York. Leah and Ace hug and agree that it's nice to see another American. Leah interviews that she thought Ace's accent was really cute. Leah apparently has some directions on a piece of paper, so she and Ace discuss where they are supposed to go. Leah interviews that she just graduated from college and is "ready to start a whole new chapter in [her] life." Leah is really, really excited to be in Paris. So excited that only dolphins can hear her voice.

Leah and Ace head for the subway. Ace reveals that he's never ridden a subway before in his life. Leah interviews that Ace has "a lot of innocence." As characterized by the fact that he's never ridden the subway before. He's a subway virgin! Leah and Ace get on the train and Leah giggles and acts flirtatious. Leah and Ace discuss what French phrases they know, and Ace knows how to say, "Look, there's the big bad wolf" from when he acted in a play. Leah interviews that Ace is cute and funny and she "would like to be able to establish a friendship with Ace." If by "establish a friendship" you mean "make sweet passionate love."

Mallory hangs out in the airport (I think?) and looks around uncertainly. Mallory interviews that she's "a little bit nervous" because she doesn't know what will happen, which is "really, really exciting." We're, like, five minutes in, and already Mallory has twice talked about how nervous and excited she is. We get it. Just let us know if things change. Otherwise, we'll assume that she's both nervous and excited. Chris walks through the airport wearing an outfit that includes a stocking cap, black leather gloves, and sunglasses. Is it really that bright in the airport? Or do you think he's preening for the cameras? Hmm. Apropos of nothing, Mallory interviews that she's never had a serious relationship but that she thinks she might be ready. Chris walks right by Mallory, like the camera crew on her wouldn't tip him off. He figures out what's up and walks back to her. Mallory interviews that her first impression is that Chris is "a little bit full of himself." Chris makes that stupid Tootsie Pop analogy again about his hard edges and soft center. If Chris is a Tootsie Pop, then I want to be that cartoon owl who gets to go, "One. Twoooo. Thrrrrrrree!. Three." You know what I'm talking about. Chris has the directions they need, and he starts asking random strangers whether they know how to get to the trains to Paris. I guess it never occurred to him to try, I don't know, an information booth or one of the ticket counters or some sort of airline employee. Chris interviews that he's getting pissed off because no one will help him. Chris struts along and Mallory follows, looking embarrassed. Chris starts yelling, asking if anyone knows where the trains are. He runs twenty yards ahead of Mallory, who struggles with a giant suitcase. Way to help out your roommate, dude. Mallory interviews that she just hopes they make it to the house.

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