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Sense of Wonder

Ace and Leah are still on the subway. Leah asks if he has a girlfriend. Ace says he was kind of seeing a girl at home before he left. Leah interviews that Ace reminds her of a guy she used to love. Leah realizes that they are going the wrong way, and tells Ace that they need to get off. They do, and Leah tries to figure out where they should be going. Ace says he's going to let her be in charge, and then he interviews that he did that so that if they got lost, it would be her fault. I think he's kidding. And what is this, The Amazing Race, with the confusing directions and clues about their destination? Just send them in a car to the house and be done with it. Leah asks Ace what he thinks their job will be. Ace says he hasn't had a job in five or six years, but then clarifies that he's his own boss, because he owns three bars. Is that not a job? I guess he means he's never had a regular job-type job. Ace interviews that his "wonderful grandmother" gave him the money to start his first business. Leah asks him who's taking care of his business while he's gone, and Ace says that he has some partners. Leah interviews that she's impressed that Ace has done so much while so young. Ace figures out that they're in the wrong place for their train, and there's some dude behind him who has a look on his face like, "The fuck?" That dude cracked me up.

Mallory and Chris apparently found their train, because they are now on it. Chris asks Mallory what she will do first. Mallory says she wants to explore the city, and go to the Louvre. Chris says, "Niiiiiice. That'll be our first date." I want to like Chris because he reminds me of Seattle David, but so far he's kind of an asshole. Mallory interviews how happy she is. So she's no longer excited and nervous, but happy. Some performers play music on the train, and Chris asks Mallory to dance. She refuses. Chris interviews that Mallory seems nice, and mature for her age. Because he's a whole three years older than her, so he's in a position to be that condescending. Chris concludes that Mallory has a wild side, and needs help letting that out. The train arrives in a suburb, and Mallory and Chris get off. Mallory interviews that the beauty of the neighborhood overwhelms her. They arrive at the house, which is giant and old and made of stone. They're the first to arrive, and they do the traditional running around and squealing. Given the setting, I thought the furnishings would be a little more traditional, but it's your typical Real World house. Except the rooms seem a little smaller than usual. Chris wants to room with Mallory, but she doesn't think they should pick beds until everyone arrives. Mallory opens the window and leans out. I think this is the first house I've seen on this show that had a regular lawn. I guess that's because it's a more suburban setting than usual. Mallory declares that she loves Paris.

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