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Sense of Wonder

Christina, twenty-four, walks down the street rolling her little suitcase behind her. Christina interviews that she's only been in Paris for two minutes and has no idea where she's going. She sees some guy in the street, doing a little dance. Now to me, that says "mentally ill." Although we'll find out later that I'm not that far off. Christina shows the guy her directions and he speaks to her in French, but says he speaks a little English. He can't keep the charade going, and admits that he's one of her roommates, Adam. In an interview, Adam says that he's twenty-three and from Beverly Hills. Christina interviews that she's twenty-four and from Las Vegas. They hug. Christina interviews that she's not a stripper. She's a cocktail waitress, and she's tired of people assuming that just because she has fake boobs and wears revealing clothes and dances on tables in bars that she's a stripper. Adam says he's excited to meet girls, because he wasn't challenged when he went to Stanford, so women are the only challenge in his life. I love how he just casually mentions his alma mater, like you know he wouldn't do that if he went to the University of California like the rest of the people from Beverly Hills. (Or maybe that was just on the show. ["Plus they didn't go to the University of California. They went to 'California University.'" -- Wing Chun]) Christina shares her directions with Adam and they set off. Adam says that he's usually good with directions, but not in France. Because I don't know if you knew this, but in France, east and west are switched around.

Ace and Leah walk up to the house. They don't have very much luggage. I guess it's being shipped or something. Ace points out their house to Leah, and she is psyched. Mallory buzzes them through the gate, and there is much squealing from Leah. Mallory interviews that Leah is awesome, and Chris interviews that he loves Ace already. They all head out back and explore. Ace interviews that Mallory is "really, really beautiful" and details all of her body parts that he finds beautiful. And that would be all of them. I don't really get it, but maybe the camera doesn't pick up her beauty or something. I mean, she's pretty and all, but I actually think Leah is prettier.

Adam and Christina arrive at the center of town, and clarify their directions with a local. They continue wandering aimlessly. Adam has apparently never heard of sidewalks, so he walks down the middle of the street. Christina interviews that Adam is asking people for help, and that she thinks they should ask young people, because they know how to speak English. Wuh? I tried to think of a reason why that would be true, but I really can't. Because young people are smarter? More worldly? More Westernized? They're not in China, for crying out loud. Adam gets directions from a young man who does not speak English and, after the guy leaves, admits that he has no clue what the guy was talking about. Heh.

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