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Sense of Wonder

I'd just like to point out that we're twenty minutes into this hour-long episode and all of the roommates haven't yet arrived at the house. I kind of dig that. Anyway, Adam and Christina flag down some kids on bikes. The kids on bikes lead them to the house. Or at least they think the kids are going to lead them to the house. Seriously, this is such an Amazing Race rip-off. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a young man rides in a car alone while sad-sounding electronic music plays. The young man is Simon, eighteen, from Ireland. I love to analyze how the producers plan for the roommates to arrive at the house for maximum drama. Like clearly they wanted to pair one street-smart person (Chris, Leah) with one hick (Mallory, Ace). And they wanted the four people who, on a surface level, seem the most alike to arrive first so that they could band together and exclude the others. Then they put Adam and Christina together because they're non-white. I guess. And then I imagine that they said, "We need an outsider for the season. Hey, how about having only one non-American in the house? That ought to make him feel isolated. And what about if we make sure he's the only gay guy? Wow, he will really hate his roommates. To cap it off, we'll have him arrive at the house alone so he has no one to bond with on the trip. Awesome." And that's about what happens. Simon interviews that he's nervous to meet the other housemates. Leah and Mallory hug Simon when he walks in. Simon interviews that Americans are enthusiastic about everything. Leah squeals some more when she finds out that Simon is from Ireland. Simon voice-overs that living with six Americans is more of a culture shock to him than being in Paris is.

Leah and Simon sit on a couch and talk while the others play pool. In an interview, Leah says that she thinks Simon bonded with her because he knew he could "be comfortable." I take that to mean he already told her that he's gay. Simon interviews that Leah has "a warm quality." Their conversation is interrupted when Adam and Christina arrive. Adam starts off by complaining about how far they had to walk. Chris introduces himself as "C.T." Whatever. Introductions are made all around. Adam interviews, "Ace is definitely hot and better-looking than I am." Then he realizes that he may have revealed too much, so he adds in, "And C.T. is too." Heh. I think Adam loves him some Ace. Do most straight guys notice how hot other guys are? I asked J-Dawg about this, and he says that he might, but only in terms of scoping out the competition. But he says he probably would have been more focused on the ladies. That J-Dawg. He's a ladies' man. Chris interviews that he thinks Christina is really hot and has a great body.

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