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She So Crazy

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She So Crazy

David calls Irene from the radio station and asks whether she's sick. She says that she is. David says that he thought "it would be out of line if [he] raised that in front of Rebecca or anyone else." Why? Why would he think Rebecca shouldn't know, when she's the one who took Irene to the doctor? This is so confusing. In an interview -- which is the same one they used in the big reunion special and tried to pretend like it was new footage -- Irene says that she has "peripheral neuropathy." David tells her that she always blew it off and pretended that nothing was wrong. In an interview, David says that Irene wants to be normal. Irene tells David that neuropathy can happen in AIDS patients, too. In an interview, David says that this was "a slap in the face" and that if Irene doesn't "shape up, [she'll] ship out and die." Ah, David. Mr. Sensitivity. David asks Irene whether she's going to be all right, and she says she doesn't know. And then, to finish up the transportation-themed episode, we see a boat in the harbor.

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