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She's With The Band

Kyle, Tonya, Keri, and CJP take a cab somewhere. Tonya asks what CJP thinks about Chris. CJP has nothing but good things to say. Tonya asks, "Does he like women?" CJP absolutely thinks that he does, and adds, "If he's gay, he doesn't know it." Kyle begs to differ; he thinks that Chris is gay, and that he knows it. Tonya agrees. CJP pieces it together -- Chris wears Diesel jeans and has more facial products than she does. Oh my God! He's a gay! Next thing you know, she's going to say that he's thin, neat, and likes to vacuum. In an interview, CJP says that she has "no problem with people who are gay." Back in the cab, CJP adds another piece of damning evidence -- Chris kisses her on the forehead a lot. Wow. I'm totally convinced. I mean, if I didn't already know that he is gay. Kyle suggests that they shouldn't all run into the apartment and grill Chris on his sexual orientation. Because Chris is "very sensitive." Because he's gay. Keri adds that if Chris wants to tell them, he will.

Chris calls his friend Chuck on the phone. Chris says that he's at the house and that he's met everyone. Chris adds that he hasn't come out yet, except to one girl. Chuck agrees that it might take a while. In an interview, Chris says that he was ashamed of being gay for a long time, and that he hopes that he can come out and be accepted. It's funny that they juxtaposed those two scenes. All of the other roommates totally already know, and Chris is totally sweating it. Heh.

The doorbell rings, and Theo starts singing a song to CJP about her impending date with Jason. In an interview, CJP says that she's "excited and a little bit nervous." As she goes to leave, Aneesa asks what will happen if things get serious. CJP pauses and explains that Jason already told her that there is so much that he'd like to show her in the city. CJP thought that they should start with one date. In fact, he should kiss her first, and then he can show her the city. Aneesa adds, "Or his penis." Heh. CJP laughs and goes off on her date.

CJP and Jason go to Navy Pier on their date. CJP explains that she would like to move to Los Angeles. Jason is oddly sweaty. CJP has lived in Boston her whole life, and Jason notes that she doesn't have a Boston accent. In an interview, CJP explains that she wanted Keri and Kyle to join them for moral support. The four young lovers decide to go on the giant Ferris wheel. And then Jason has to go. In an interview, CJP explains that it was "the shortest date in history" because Jason had to go to California for business. Kyle, Keri, and CJP dish on him. Kyle thinks that Jason was a really nice guy. CJP yells out, "Nothing but! Nothing but!" In an interview, CJP says that while Jason was nice, he really didn't do it for her. In the two hours she spent with him. Or course, there will be plenty of "doing" later, but I'm getting ahead of myself. CJP shows Keri how awkward her goodbye with Jason was, and Keri really could not seem less interested. CJP reports that Jason thought that Kyle was gay. Kyle is pretty low-key about the whole thing, saying that it's nothing that he hasn't dealt with before. They try to make it out like Kyle is really upset by showing him walking around and looking at things by himself, but I really think that he was just walking around and looking at things. I'm not saying that it's not possible that Kyle was upset; I'm saying that Kyle seems way too controlled to show it if he were.

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