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She's With The Band

Kyle and Chris walk down the street. Apparently, Chris finally came out to Kyle, who is, of course, totally cool about it. Kyle doesn't "believe in labels like that." Kyle uses the example of how he doesn't introduce himself, "Hey, I'm Kyle. I'm hetero." I don't think that Kyle is really homophobic, but I also get the impression that he's trying way too hard to be cool about this for the cameras. In an interview, Chris says that while he loves men, it's not the only thing about him. Chris has a date that night. Kyle asks if Chris has told any of the other roommates yet, and Chris say that he's only told Aneesa.

Suddenly, Tonya is there, too. Chris tells her that he's gay. Tonya says that she knew and acts nonchalant. In an interview, Tonya says (and I'm quoting this so people can't accuse me of spinning it), "My interpretation of homosexual relationships is just a lot of drugs, a lot of sin." Wuh? Where did that come from? Well, maybe I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was asked what her feelings on gay relationships were growing up or something. I mean, little Tonya couldn't be that homophobic, right?

CJP asks Chris when he came out. Chris explains that he was eighteen, and he told his mom first. His mom told him to talk to the family priest, and it could be cured. In an interview, CJP says that Chris is brave for being there, when there are so many close-minded people who will "never understand or support his lifestyle." I have got to tell CJP that if she wants to appear all cool with the gays, she might want to avoid using the word "lifestyle." It definitely has a negative connotation, you know? Like next, you expect her to start talking about the homosexual agenda and how they try to convert people to their evil ways. Chris says that he didn't have trouble coming out to his friends. CJP asks why that was, and Chris laughs and says that he eliminated all of his straight friends, and found all new gay ones. Chris says that it was tough to hang out with his guy friends. In an interview, CJP says that Chris is probably afraid to come out to Theo, because he knows that Theo doesn't approve of his "lifestyle." There's that word again.

Theo and Aneesa drive somewhere in the van. Aneesa asks Theo if he's homophobic. Theo says he doesn't have a problem unless gay guys hit on him. Okay, first of all, don't flatter yourself. And second of all, even if some guy did hit on Theo, why couldn't Theo just say no? What is so scary about that? I really just don't understand homophobia. I fail to see the logic. Theo tells a story about how he and his mom used to go to some church convention and one time, a guy hit on him and Theo didn't even know it, because the guy was so smooth. So how did he find out? In an interview, Aneesa says that she thinks Theo will be the one who might have a problem with Chris. Theo comments that he's surprised that they don't have a gay guy in the house. Aneesa says, "You never know what happens."

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