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Shut UP, Dan!

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Shut UP, Dan!

Dan's having some test shots taken. He has a HUGE zit right under his eye. He expression is the same in every shot, with or without the funny hat or tank top or turtleneck on. After a million photos are taken, the photographer calls Armani Exchange and sends Dan over to do a fashion show with them. He then warns Dan to "watch himself" and "don't negotiate." Whatever.

Dan calls his roomies and invites them to come watch him model at A/X. Whatever.

The roomies look at Dan's headshots. He has HEADSHOTS. He so wants to be a model. How silly.

Dan runs around at Armani as Jill Stupid Sobule sings her "Supermodel" song. Cyn says "Dan is now molding himself into the kind of person he didn't like." No, into the kind of person he SAID he didn't like. He really DID want this all along. So he's shallow and untruthful. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a model, or in saying that modeling/catering to pretty people is stupid, but when you occupy both positions you are a hypocrite. Okay? Okay. So, Dan takes his modeling gig very seriously, and all the roomies cheer and make fun of him at the same time. Joe even brought his camera. Mike and Cyn do lots of funny you-betta-WORK head swoops. But all the roomies go home together, friends again. Until the next time....

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