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Slitting Throats

Landon asks Shavonda if he can pull out all the little hairs in her armpit. Um, can she pull out yours? Why would he ask that? MJ agrees that it's disgusting. Well, I think the hair on his head is disgusting, but I don't ask if I can pull that out. Actually, I might if I met him. Shavonda squeals and whines and generally tries to call everyone's attention to the fact that two boys are paying attention to her. Karamo comments to Sarah that "those Wonder Twins disgust the hell out of [him]." Sarah says they're not so bad, but Karamo disagrees. Karamo adds that he doesn't think Shavonda gives enough attention to her culture. Because she doesn't hang out with him? I sort of get what Karamo was saying when he told Shavonda that she ignored her heritage, but what exactly should she be doing right now to honor her culture? Not let people see her armpit hair? Not tell the boys that they smell like vinegar? Which she just did. If Karamo just wants Shavonda to act more mature and less boy-crazy, that has nothing to do with race.

The roommates go on yet another small boat cruise and drink champagne. The boat drops anchor, and Landon and Sarah jump into the water. They try to convince Shavonda to join them. Shavonda interviews that she can't swim against currents or tides, and that big bodies of water scare her. Jesus. She's not swimming the English Channel. Just grab a life jacket and go, or don't, but stop standing on the deck and squealing and encouraging people to beg you to jump in. God, she's annoying. Karamo tells Shavonda that the Negroes have to get in the water. Everyone gives Shavonda lots of attention, which is what she wants. Shavonda interviews that she's trying to conquer her fears while she's in Fiji. The roommates all hold hands and jump into the water. Shavonda thanks everyone for helping her.

A storm comes up. Landon and Melanie dance in the rain. Karamo interviews that the weather is horrible, and that they need to get to land where it will be safe. In the dark, the roommates take a smaller boat to land. Willie thinks the whole thing is very exciting, due to the lightning and thunder.

Sarah wonders where Shavonda is, and Willie says that she's with the boys. Sarah thinks she's with Landon, and Karamo looks disapproving. Cut to Landon and Shavonda making out on the beach in the dark. Landon interviews that it's nice to share this romantic moment with Shavonda. They go into their lodge, and Landon comments that it looks like a honeymoon suite. They hop into a bed surrounded by mosquito netting, and we go to break.

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