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Slitting Throats

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Slitting Throats

The roommates head to a resort for their last night. Landon waits and watches while Shavonda gets ready for dinner. Landon interviews that watching someone get ready makes you feel like you're in a relationship. Shavonda asks his opinion on which shoes to wear.

Everyone else gets ready too, and they head to dinner. Landon says that he's really happy to be there, and everyone toasts to that. Shavonda and Landon play grab-ass on their side of the table. MJ tells Karamo that this trip made them closer, but Karamo disagrees. He whispers that it's opened his eyes, and he says that he has a problem with Shavonda and Landon. MJ asks if it's because she's black, and Karamo says that it's because she has a boyfriend. So, which is it? Because before he said it was a racial thing. And also, why is Shavonda's boyfriend any of Karamo's business? He doesn't know what kind of arrangement they have. And it's not like Karamo is in the habit of treating his boyfriends really well, since he shit all over Dorian. I'm not saying Karamo has to throw a party for Shavonda and Landon or anything, but his attitude is a bit much. MJ whispers that "Landon wants pussy, she wants comfort." Well, that was eloquent. And wrong, because all Landon has talked about is how romantic it is there, and how strong his feelings for Shavonda are. Karamo thinks that he and MJ are on the same page.

MJ asks the table a question: If they were all stranded on a desert island, what roles would they play, and who would procreate? Melanie says that she would have sex with Willie. Good luck with that. Sarah says that she'd have Karamo's baby and Willie's baby, because she would want to start a new mixed-race world. Okay, they didn't say that everyone else on Earth was dead. Sarah is suddenly Eve or something. Landon feels left out, and Sarah tells him to sleep with Shavonda. Karamo says that he'd become a hunter, and then he'd slit Landon's throat and get rid of the other alpha male. Okay, that was a bit harsh. But I think Karamo is drunk, and I get that he was trying to say that it would be a Lord of the Flies situation and he would try to become the dominant male. I don't think he's saying that he wants to kill Landon in real life. But it goes over like a fart in church. Melanie think it's getting creepy, and Willie agrees that it's weird. Karamo starts laughing and says that he'd just hunt. See? I don't think he was totally serious. Landon interviews that he was blindsided by Karamo, and that he's trying to ignore it.

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