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Slitting Throats

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Slitting Throats

Landon and Shavonda decide to go dance. Then he gives her a piggyback ride home. They have a glass of wine. Melanie asks where Shavonda and Landon went, and the roommates decide to head back to their rooms. Landon and Shavonda make out in one of their rooms, and Shavonda agrees to join him in bed. Landon closes the blinds, and they crawl into bed together, giggling. And then, because the producers couldn't pay to get the night-vision cameras hooked up in the resort, we cut to the outside. I'm pretty glad about that, actually. Those night-vision cameras are creepy. They make people's eyes look dead.

The next morning, the roommates gather in the girls' room and giggle. MJ and Sarah tease Landon and Shavonda, saying that they look refreshed. MJ wants to know if they did it, but Shavonda and Landon refuse to tell. Shavonda interviews that something did happen, but that she'll leave it to Landon to tell details. MJ jokes that he's happy for Shavonda, because "every girl has to lose her flower at some point in time, and what better place than Fiji?"

Karamo eats breakfast alone. Back in the room, MJ tells Sarah and Shavonda that Karamo was trying to start problems, and said that he doesn't approve of Landon and Shavonda. Shavonda adds that he said he wanted to slit Landon's throat. MJ interviews that Karamo likes to ruin the mood sometimes, and if things are going well, you can count on Karamo to bring everyone down. MJ explains that Karamo is mad because Shavonda has a boyfriend. Shavonda interviews that she's not committed to anyone right now, so she has nothing to feel bad about. Shavonda and Sarah agree that saying you want to slit someone's throat is weird.

The roommates hang out on the beach. I thought they were going home today? Karamo looks disgusted. He interviews that he thinks Shavonda is "slutting herself out," and that he finds it sad that she's playing Shaun like that. Karamo has issues.

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