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Southern Charm

Back at the house, Cameran stomps around and yells that she hates boys and that they can "die and rot and simmer in hell." I seriously don't get how Brad did anything to Cameran, but I think that's the point. Shut up, Drunk Cameran. Cameran interviews that Brad is getting on her nerves. She drunkenly dives into the giant bean bag chair and then starts yelling that she wants a boy, and that she needs a man. I thought she hated boys! Cameran grabs a pillow and pretends to make out with it while Jamie just looks at her like, "Uh, exactly how many drinks did you have?" Jacquese interviews that Cameran is just playing games. Cameran shovels peanut butter into her mouth by dipping her finger in the jar. Ew! I hope that's her personal peanut butter jar. Outside the house, Brad and Jackie arrive. Brad points out their car and calls it his "ride," as if he owns it, or had anything to do with procuring it. Cameran interviews that Brad shows "what assholes the male race is [sic]." Cameran shows what idiots the female Southern immature blonde race is. Funny, when I filled out my census report, I didn't see a little box that said "female" under race. I wonder if I filled it out wrong? Cameran continues to shovel the peanut butter in her face, and I hope she'll still be able to fit into her white shorts.

Oh, no! Jackie has revealed that she is the woman from Species as she uses her giant tongue to swallow Brad's entire face. Wait. I guess that was supposed to be kissing. Brad breaks up the party and says that he's going to change his clothes, but really I think he wanted to clean up his room a little bit. Ew, I just thought about how Brad probably never changes his sheets and I got grossed out. While Brad is gone, Jackie starts talking to the roommates. Frankie interviews that Brad likes "dumb, easily influenced girls." So why hasn't he hooked up with Cameran yet? Or Frankie, for that matter? Remember when Frankie tried to hook up with Brad the first night? Jacquese runs over and whispers to Brad something about how Jackie would probably have sex with all of them. Sadly, I think Jacquese was only half-joking. He would totally take Brad's sloppy seconds. He would totally be Brad's sloppy seconds, for that matter. Jackie babbles about nothing to the group, and Jamie rolls her eyes. Cameran interviews that Jackie is just a dumb girl making an ass out of herself. At least she's only doing it in one episode, unlike the rest of the roommates, who do it week after week. Brad interviews that his roommates were egging Jackie on, and that he needed to stop it. Brad drags Jackie out to the deck and starts making out with her to get her to shut up for a minute.

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