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Southern Charm

Jamie whines that men don't want normal women. More on this issue later. Outside, Brad waggles his tongue at Jackie, and I seriously had nightmares about that all last week. Randy says that he can't take girls who can't shut up, so he lives with three of them. Jamie seems to know when to shut up. Jacquese and Randy both hope that Brad does what he needs to do and then sends Jackie packing.

Outside, Jackie asks Brad, "What do you want to do?" Brad says, "What do you want to do?" Jackie says, "You." I say, "Blllllleeeeeeeeaaaaugh!" Brad laughs, and the couple heads inside to his room. Jacquese lies down on the ground and tries to peek under the curtain to see what's going on in the room. I am all for eavesdropping and spying, because it's entertaining, but that's a bit much. Jacquese sees something he likes and starts jumping around and celebrating and going, "That's MY roommate!" Why is he so proud that Brad got laid? It's not like Jackie was a tough sell. And it's not like Jacquese had anything to do with it. Shut up, Jacquese. Brad interviews that he hadn't been with a girl in a few weeks, and that hooking up with Jackie felt good. The editors pipe in fireworks exploding in the background. Okay. Heh. Cameran interviews that she heard slapping and noises, and that she was grossed out.

Cameran runs up to the other roommates and says something about how she wants to "prepare the washcloth." Everyone tells her to cut it out. Apparently, she was preparing some sort of practical joke on Brad. Oh, it's okay when everyone else does it, but when Cameran tries to join in, they all get up on their high horses. Frankie interviews that she was convinced she would be the first one to have sex in the house. Shut up, Frankie. Cameran says that she hopes that dumb-ass (meaning Jackie) doesn't show her face later. Jamie interviews that Cameran is hating on Jackie, and that she should hate the player, not the game. No, she really said that. Is it 1999 and no one told me? Cameran thinks that any girl who sleeps with a guy on the first night is trash. What about the guy? I mean, I disagree with Cameran on this issue, but if she thinks both involved parties are trashy, at least she might have a leg to stand on that doesn't involve a huge double standard. Randy says that if you're safe, there's no problem. Cameran says that a woman who has a one-night stand isn't someone a guy wants to spend his life with. Jamie points out that Brad isn't looking for a girlfriend. Cameran says that this experience has changed her mind about Brad. Frankie interviews that Cameran feels rejected and mad at herself for liking Brad in the first place. Frankie says that Brad has always said that he just wanted to get laid, and Cameran says that she didn't think he was serious. Brad, completely nude, peeks out of the room. Heh.

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