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Southern Charm

Jackie apparently slept over, because it's the next morning, and she's still in bed with Brad. Cameran tells Robin what happened the night before. Robin interviews that Cameran is "completely crushed," and that guys are stupid. Brad interviews that he's cool with Jackie sleeping over, but that he's not looking for a relationship. Brad drives Jackie home. Brad interviews that Jackie is not perfect for him, and that he has "a void [he's] trying to fill." Oh, yeah? Well, I think he filled Jackie's void last night, if you know what I mean? Anyone? Anyone?

Robin and her Marine boyfriend ask Cameran about Brad's crazy night. Cameran says that it was "so disgusting." So how does Cameran feel about Brad's hookup? Is she happy? Does she find it aesthetically pleasing? I wish she would tell someone. Robin interviews that Brad must be a moron not to realize that Cameran had a crush on him. Yeah, because of all those signals she sent him. Like kicking him in the balls. And refusing to kiss him. Cameran says that Brad is a total ass.

Brad returns and says that he's not feeling very good. He admits that Jackie seemed a little crazy, but that she was cool when they first started talking. He also knows that they had "a clown down," which I guess is a session of making fun of someone. Brad says that Jackie loves her car, and that she "does real estate." So she's a realtor? Because if so, would you hire her to sell you a house now? Cameran pipes up that Jackie is twenty-three. Brad interviews that if Cameran is jealous, it's because they don't all have a "sheltered sexual life."

Jamie, Frankie, and Cameran want to go somewhere, and Randy and Brad want to go somewhere else. And both groups need the car, apparently. Randy wants to find a compromise where someone gets dropped off, but no one can make a decision, so he leaves to take a shower. The girls decide just to sneak out and take the car. Brad comes out in his giant silver pants and notices that the car is gone, so they page the girls.

In the car, the girls talk about how they were laughing at Jackie. Jamie asks if she has to be stupid to get a guy. Well, yeah, if you want a stupid guy. Randy calls and Frankie passes the phone to Cameran who plays dumb. Or "plays" dumb. Randy asks what's going on, and when the girls will be home with the car. Cameran tells him and hangs up, laughing. She thinks that Randy was really pissed but pretending everything was okay. Back at the house, Randy is really not angry. Brad, however, is annoyed. Randy suggests that the girls took the car because Brad had sex. I don't know. Randy calls it "chicks marking their territory." Whatever, Big Rand.

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