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Southern Charm

The girls apparently went to some sort of carnival or street fair. Cameran goes on a trampoline while wearing a harness that allows her to jump up really high. Frankie and Jamie watch her bouncing and screaming. Cameran dismounts and screeches that the harness hurt her crotch. And she's accusing other women of not having class? Cameran asks what's wrong with them, since they can't get a man. Jamie wants to know too. Because they don't want a one-night stand? I'm sure these girls could get laid if they wanted to. But hanging out in bars and clubs doesn't usually lead to long-term relationships, especially when you're twenty. Cameran thinks that she looked stupid on the trampoline (she did), but the others quickly reassure her that she looked cute. In the car, Cameran admits that she did have a crush on Brad, but that she's just disgusted by him now.

Brad asks the other guys what he should say to Jackie when he calls her back, since he doesn't want to hang out with her anymore. How about, "I don't want to hang out with you anymore"? Or more politely, "I enjoyed hanging out with you, but I'm only here for a few more weeks, and I don't want to be tied down to any one person."

Cameran tells the others that Brad's "attractiveness level" has gone way down. She claims she's felt that way for a while, but that his sexcapades sealed the deal, and that it's why she dissed him in the bar bathroom. In a confessional, Jamie says that Cameran claims to be repulsed by Brad, but that she's just looking for an excuse not to like him anymore.

Randy asks Brad if he's hung out with Jackie while they were both sober, and whether that's something he wants to do. Brad says that when he met Jackie, they were sober, and Jackie was cool, but Jacquese doesn't think they were really sober. Jacquese interviews that Jackie was just a one-night stand, because they clowned her and there's no coming back from that. I was unaware that Brad made his relationship decisions by committee.

Cameran says she thought Brad was different from other guys. Second verse, same as the first. Cameran interviews that she has a hard time trusting guys, mostly because her father cheated on her mother, which led to her parents' divorce. Well, that's new information. And relevant. So they're just dropping it into the very end of the episode. Cameran goes on to call Brad a member of "the male species." I think Cameran needs a dictionary.

Randy suggests that Brad go out on a date with Jackie, but Brad doesn't want to. Brad interviews that he regrets hooking up with Jackie, and it may have put a damper on his relationship with Cameran, but it didn't ruin it. Brad is a big believer in fate, and he knows that whatever should happen will happen. If that were true, there would be far fewer Real World and Road Rules alumni available to participate in the Challenge each season, because they would have died in horrific accidents by now.

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