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Spice Up Your Life

Later, people jump in the pool. I sense nudity coming on. Elsewhere, Malik and Kevin have a heart-to-heart. Malik says that he really wants to have a girlfriend. In the pool, Blair has taken his trunks off. When did Blair become so obnoxious? I kind of hate him. Jisela, Jenn, and Mike frolic. Kevin tells Malik that Jisela told him she was free to kiss anyone she wanted, and Malik was cool with it. Kevin says that Malik is his best friend. Is Kevin trying to say that he refused to kiss Jisela? Because we've got it on tape. Back in the pool, Jisela kisses Jenn while the guys watch and cheer her on. Kevin says that Jisela was kissing everyone in the house, but that it made him feel weird. In an interview, Jisela says that she's upset with Kevin, because he acted like he was cool with all the kissing, and then he wanted to clear the air with Malik. Blair gets out of the pool, naked, but not before slapping Jisela on the ass. In an interview, Malik says that he is disappointed that Jisela isn't spending time with him. Blair says something about hooking up with Jisela. In an interview, Jisela says that "they" don't understand the relationship that she has with Blair, and that it's "setting things off" for her and Malik. I still don't get what Jisela is mad about, but whatever. I also really don't care.

Jisela tells Malik that she had never kissed Blair until the previous night. She also kissed Malik that night. She also kissed Vanessa. She also kissed Kevin. She didn't kiss Mike, or Jenn. She did kiss Lori. It's funny, because it seemed like Jisela started making that list to make the point that she didn't kiss that many people, but then it turned out that she totally did. In an interview, Jisela points out that just because you kiss someone doesn't mean that you slept with him or her. Malik says that it's cool that Jisela likes to kiss people, and he likes to "kick it with [her] when [he] can." In an interview, Jisela says that Malik is making her feel terrible for being who she is. Nice juxtaposition there of Malik says that he's totally cool with it and Jisela acting like Malik is throwing her a guilt trip, when he's totally not. Jisela says that she wants to spend time with her friends while she can. Malik tells her that she should feel free to do that, and that he doesn't want her to feel awkward around him. Malik points out that they only have a few days left together, and they won't have much time to be alone. In an interview, Jisela says that Malik knows she's paranoid about being labeled a girlfriend, and he's trying to work with it. Jisela and Malik hug. In an interview, Malik says that he and Jisela are not committed, but that they're still close and are trying to define their relationship.

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