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The roommates all get ready to go out. Cameran curls Brad's lashes for him. Interesting. Robin interviews that they all decided to go out and have a few drinks to recover from Brad and Robin's "ordeal." Which was largely caused by the roommates' deciding to go out and have a few drinks. Good one. Cameran is shocked to see that Frankie is getting ready to go out, too. Frankie interviews that she's not going to sit home while everyone else goes out, and that she's decided to "live [her] life and do [her] thing." And her thing is getting drunk and groping various men! And she's going to do it! As long as there aren't any big boats around.

Robin yells at Randy to hurry up in the shower. Randy is totally drinking a beer in the shower, which a friend of mine used to do in college, but which I never understood. Randy yells that there's "a free nozzle." I'll bet there is. (I don't even know what that means.) Robin interviews that Randy is hot, and that she finds him attractive.

The roommates head out to a bar. Robin is wearing a pink camisole top (enough with those!) and a pink newsboy cap. I don't think that's a good look on anyone, but I also think that Robin is about six years too old for it. Randy and Robin dance together. Frankie spots a guy named Adam, and decides to talk to him. Her bra strap is also hanging around her elbow. Classy! Frankie interviews that Adam is attractive, and that she likes the inch gauges he has in his ears. Look, I'm all for the freedom to do what you want with your body, but that is gross. He has one-inch circles inserted in his earlobes. You could pass a quarter through there. Do you have to have plastic surgery to repair that when you grow up? Please don't email me with the answer. I don't want to know. Frankie interviews that Adam is respectful, and that he's not trying to grope her like a lot of the other guys she and her female roommates have met. Frankie hangs out with Adam in some other room, and voice-overs that it's nice to have someone she can connect with.

Randy dances with some chick. They whisper in each other's ears. Robin watches the whole thing from across the room. Jamie interviews that Robin has a huge crush on Randy, and that after a few tequila shots, Robin gets jealous when Randy talks to other girls. Robin deals with her problem by doing another shot. Great idea! Jamie interviews that it's obvious Robin wants Randy all to herself. Brad interviews that Randy was talking to another girl, and that he wasn't even interested in or attracted to her, and that Robin ran up and asked what was going on. Robin tells Randy that he's an ass, and pulls him outside. Randy interviews that he got pulled out of the club before closing. Before closing? That bitch! Frankie helps Robin to stumble down the sidewalk, and Randy walks behind them. Randy interviews that, on the street, Robin started yelling at him about her feelings and how he was a bad person. Robin tells Randy not to talk to her and yells, "Fuck you!" Cameran tries to pull Robin down the street as Brad guffaws behind Robin's back.

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