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In the car, Robin keeps mumbling about Randy and how she gave him her heart. Brad yells in her ear that Randy is a good man, and that she has to respect that. Randy interviews that he's floored at how Robin is dealing with the situation. Robin tells Randy again to fuck off. Brad tries to defend Randy, but Robin isn't having it. Brad interviews that Robin needs to start thinking about what she's saying, because some words hurt. Why do I feel like that quote was pulled from the episode where Robin used the "n" word? Robin says that she gave Randy her heart, and she hopes he fucking dies. Brad is more upset than Randy, I think. Randy yells at Robin for putting him "on blast." Frankie, driving, seems way too happy about the drama. Randy tells Robin to fuck that shit, because he'll do anything for her. He reminds her that he was the one there when she got arrested. Robin tells both Randy and Brad to fuck off. Randy details all the times that he's been there for her, including the time he took a cab to pick her up from jail. Robin says that everyone knows how much she cares about Randy. Brad protests that he didn't know. Hee! Brad. Robin starts crying. Randy says he'll do anything it takes to make Robin feel better. Cameran hugs Robin, and Randy yells some more. Jamie's in the back seat, looking like she's about to puke. Can you blame her? And it's nice how Frankie was talking about how she couldn't bear to stay home alone, when it seems that Jacquese was at the house, too.

Robin pouts into bed. The guys hang out on the deck. Brad can't believe that two nights of spooning led to this. Jacquese thinks there must have been more than spooning going on. Randy denies it, and Jacquese suggests that Bazooka Joe has something to do with it. Jacquese interviews that he thinks that Robin wants a relationship and Randy doesn't, because Robin is so emotional now, it would only be worse if they were together. On the one hand, oh, women and their emotions. So irrational! On the other hand, Robin has no right or reason to be as upset as she is.

Frankie walks outside and falls down laughing to get the guys' attention. They ask what's up, and she says that Robin is running around naked. The guys all decide that they have to check it out. Frankie points out Robin in the shower. Apparently, she's peeing in there. Ew! Jacquese thinks that she looks like "a girl in an R. Kelly tape." I'll have to take his word for it. Brad and Jacquese find this hilarious. Jacquese interviews that Robin was peeing in the shower, and then she ran through the house naked (except she had a shirt on, so she wasn't really naked) and hopped into Randy's bed. Outside, Jacquese laughs that Robin hopped into Randy's bed soaking wet, and asks Randy where he's going to sleep. Randy says he's not too psyched about the situation. Jacquese interviews that Robin must think that if Randy sees her naked, he won't be able to resist her. The guys look at Robin's sleeping form. Jacquese interviews that Randy won't kick Robin out because he's "too nice." Also, in every shot since they got home, Brad is eating a big hunk of something. He must have a great metabolism. Jacquese and Brad find Randy sleeping in Cameran's bed, and laugh. Jacquese interviews that Randy is playing it smart, because Cameran's on the love sac. Which I now know is the correct name for the giant beanbag, but it doesn't mean that I would call it that if I owned one. Gross! Randy says he's not sleeping with "the girl who just took the long piss in the shower." Brad says that Robin is wet in his bed with no panties. Randy interviews that he figures nothing has been settled, and he'll have to deal with Robin in the morning.

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