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Suddenly, it's later that night. Did Brad and Robin ever talk? Wouldn't it have been interesting to see if they spoke at all, or just ignored each other? Too bad. Frankie calls Adam and tells him they're getting ready to go out. I think if I were on this show (which will never happen, and not just because I'm way too old), and single (ditto), I would only date people who refused to sign the release. That way, you could at least hope that they were in it for you, and not the cameras. Although you would have to kiss a blurface all the time. It's a small price to pay. Frankie interviews that they are going to see some '80s metal cover band. Cameran asks if everyone is going out. Randy says that he and Jacquese aren't going. Cameran hopes she can get in. Jamie interviews that they've been warned that the area bars are strict about fake IDs. The nerve! Randy is suddenly going, and he says that if the youngsters don't get in, anyone who is cool will go somewhere else with them.

The roommates wait in a long line to get into the club. Frankie is hanging with Adam. Cameran answers some questions from the bouncer. She would look a lot older if she didn't wear that stupid sideways trucker hat and stopped chomping her gum. Randy interviews that he has a bad feeling, because the bouncers are being strict. The bouncer says that they don't believe the IDs, and are confiscating them, and offers to let them have the police deal with it. Cameran and Jamie look at each other and laugh. Cameran interviews that she and Jamie both lost their IDs. Cameran dances down the street and sings that the bouncer took her ID. Wow, that's a good way to ensure that no bar on that street ever lets you in again. Like the camera crews following her around didn't make her conspicuous enough.

Jamie and Cameran hop into a cab. Robin wants to stay, but Randy says he's going to leave. Cameran urges Randy to stay at the bar. Robin interviews that Cameran and Jamie told them to go in, and that Randy still refused, so Robin took it personally. Randy tries to get into the cab, and Robin starts swearing at him. Randy interviews that Robin is always throwing harsh words at him, and that everything he does pisses her off. Randy tells Robin to go hang out with Frankie, and Robin says that she wanted to hang out with him. Robin interviews that she wonders what she did, because it must be about her. Man, talk about self-centered. Robin takes off, looking for Frankie. Cameran and Randy watch Robin get back in line and start hanging on some guy. Jamie disgustedly tells everyone to get in the cab so that they can leave. Randy interviews that Robin makes it out like he's choosing the youngsters over her, but that it's about "principles." Yes, Randy is making a stand for the right of the underaged to...break the law?

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