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Randy is still "sleeping" in his bed. Robin runs in, and happily asks if he's not talking to her. Randy says he just wants to sleep. Randy interviews that he's trying to establish his independence, because he doesn't want to cuddle every night. I think I liked this plotline better when Randy was named Colin and Robin was named Amaya. If Robin asks Randy to kiss her bunny, I'm going to puke. Robin asks if Randy wants her to leave. Randy says he didn't say that, and that he thought they had an understanding. Dude, just be honest with her. But maybe wait until you're both sober. Robin tries to vault over Randy to get into bed, but she goes flying into the wall and lands on the floor. Awesome. Cameran or someone laughs. Robin asks if she's sleeping in Randy's bed. Randy asks what that would solve. Robin tells him to fuck off, adding that she hopes he dies, as she scampers out of the room. Randy interviews that it's hard for him to be tough, but that he thinks it's the best way to deal with it. He hopes it will prevent a big blow-out in the end. Man, Randy really does live in a dream world.

Cameran and Robin go out to eat and discuss Randy. Robin says she thinks he's cute. Cameran sort of agrees, but says that she's not attracted to him. Robin says that it's partly the talks that they've had, but that she is attracted to Randy. Robin interviews that she still finds Randy attractive, but that the moment has passed. Robin says that if Randy wants to talk, he can find her. Cameran interviews that Robin might start backing away from Randy, which would be a good thing. Robin interviews that she was hoping for something that just wasn't there. Robin says that she was stupid, and then voice-overs that Randy is a big goof, and wonders why she ever had a crush on him.

Next week: Adam and Frankie grind and make out. Brad and Cameran flirt.

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