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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

McFayden asks which one thing they wish hadn't made it to air. CJP says, "Sex." Tonya says it was trashing her roommates over the phone. Theo says that he has no regrets. Aneesa says that she did have one, but she changed it now. McFayden asks her to explain, and Aneesa says that it might have been how she handled the Feminem situation, or that she was naked the whole time. Aneesa explains that she went to overnight camp for years and she and all of her bunkmates were naked all of the time, and that's what made her so comfortable with her body. Aneesa thought that everyone else was comfortable with it too, but they weren't, and she changed her behavior. She concludes that she doesn't regret anything. The best part about that whole speech was that you could see Kyle sitting next to her trying really hard to put on his "thinking seriously" face and he's just trying SO HARD.

John from the audience asks if they could do it over, which roommate they would get to know better. CJP says that she would sleep with Aneesa. And she can't now because...? Tonya says she wishes she had gotten to know Theo more. Theo says that he wishes he had gotten to know everyone better. On that lame note, McFayden thanks everyone for watching and bids us goodbye. Wow. That was lame. I know nothing that I didn't know coming into it, except that Tonya and Justin broke up and she feels bad about how she acted. Nothing else was new.

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