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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

McFayden tries to ask a question and this is what comes out: "Keri and, uh, Cara. You guys were...seemed like you...that there was...a lot of jealousy was there." Was that a question? Good one. Keri says that she doesn't think it was jealousy. The only thing that bothered her was people talking behind her back, and the people who did were Kyle and CJP. McFayden starts to launch into another question instead of following that up, because he sucks, but he's saved by CJP pretending she doesn't know what Keri's talking about. Keri brings up Kyle making a shooting gun motion and making faces behind her back in the confessional. Keri says it pisses her off that CJP said Keri would be offended if CJP asked Kyle out to dinner. They show the clip where CJP says that Keri would consider it a betrayal. CJP says that she always invited Keri to hang out. Keri says it was because she was the only one left in the house, since everyone else knew people in Chicago. CJP says she doesn't get it. Keri says that there are things said in the episodes that CJP never said to Keri's face, and she's upset that CJP told the other roommates and not her. Keri says that everything she felt, she told CJP to her face. Keri concludes that it boils down to there being two very similar personalities (Kyle and CJP) and one very different personality, and Keri likes where she is. Wow. Keri has some serious anger. Maybe she should have called CJP when the episode aired instead of saving it up for the reunion. Just when the conversation gets kind of interesting, they cut out the rest of it. At least, I can't believe that CJP and Kyle let Keri's statements go unchallenged. Kyle definitely would have attempted some damage control. But that's fine because this paragraph is super-long already.

Chris mentions that he slept in the same room as Keri and Kyle, so he saw everything that happened. Kyle jumps in, probably scared that Chris will say something he shouldn't, and says that Chris was bewildered sometimes and asked what was going on. Kyle does his Chris imitation, which gets a laugh. Chris says that it was hard sometimes to be in the house due to the tension between Kyle and Keri. And that's the end of that. I really think Keri had a lot more dirty laundry to air, and I would have loved to hear it. Maybe they could get rid of one of the really long clip packages, since anyone watching this show probably also watched the season, and instead they could actually let the roommates hash out their differences. God forbid.

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