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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

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Stop Being Polite: The Real World Chicago Reunion

McFayden brings up the fact that the roommates were in the house during the terrorist attacks on September 11th. In case you forgot that happened -- as if that's possible -- we get to see a clip package about it. The roommates offer up a lot of platitudes to McFayden about how the attacks put everything in perspective and the little arguments suddenly seemed petty and meaningless. For about a week. Not that the rest of the world is any different. McFayden keeps asking questions about it, like, can we get back to the fighting and the hookups now? That's really what this show is about. And it's not like any of these jokers are going to come up with something profound that hasn't already been said, many times.

McFayden introduces a clip package that's all about "what went on that we didn't get to see." Otherwise known as "Shameless Plug for the Real World You Never Saw video or DVD." The clips go by too fast and furious to recap, but I will tell you that the funniest part of the DVD was the long discussion about Aneesa's vibrator. And CJP taking a huge digger in the house and sliding under a table. Also, CJP tells Aneesa that she just farted on the toilet for twenty minutes and then a tiny turd came out. In insets, the roommates laugh and laugh at their antics. But really, if you want to see what went on, just buy or rent the DVD or video, because it's much funnier to watch it than to read my descriptions. The roommates all laugh and reminisce, and Keri says that they had so much fun. McFayden asks Keri if it was that way the whole time. Keri says that they did have a lot of fun. Tonya says she watched the episodes and wondered where all the funny stuff was. This leads to a plug by McFayden for the DVD or video.

McFayden asks what the roommates' overall impression of the experience is, and says that they made memories you can tell your kids about. CJP tries to zing, "Or you couldn't!" Thunk. That was the sound of her joke falling flat. Aneesa jokes about running around naked. McFayden asks if there was anything in the package that they wish had been on the show. Aneesa and Keri make fun of him for saying "package" and he gets all flustered and says that it was "TV talk" for "the crap that we just saw." Tonya says that she wishes they had shown all of the times that Aneesa and Theo rapped and made up songs. When Tonya says it, it somehow comes off like, "I loved it when the black folks sang and danced for my amusement." Kyle says that Aneesa and Theo used to hit on the same women sometimes. Theo says that everyone always asks him if he ever had sex with Aneesa. Aneesa says she asked Theo if he ever fantasized about her, and he said that one night in bed, he licked her back. Ew! Aneesa says that she didn't even notice because she's such a heavy sleeper. Kyle asks Theo if he did anything else, and Aneesa is interested to hear the answer. Theo dies laughing, but then denies that he did anything.

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