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Strip For You

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Quatre. Leah and Mallory walk down the street. Leah calls Ace "the perv," and Mallory adds, "The pervinator." Mallory interviews that Ace got dumped by Kate, and that he said whenever he gets dumped, he goes out and ends up having one of the best nights of his life. Maybe he should just skip the whole relationship part then, and get straight to the dumping and then the fun. Leah and Mallory make fun of Ace saying he had vaginas in his face, and I don't know what the laws are in France, but I don't think you can legally have vaginas in your face in a strip club in this country. Just boobies. ["In Canada, they strip down to total nudity, or so I have heard." -- Wing Chun] Leah can't believe that Ace was in a back room with ten strippers. Mallory explains that it was one stripper, ten times. Leah adds that Ace got home and jumped right into bed with Mallory, and so he had "stripper hands." Okay, I hate Leah, but that was kind of funny. Mallory is grossed out.

The roommates lie out in the sun. Simon interviews that it's nice having good weather, because they all hang out together outside, and people are generally in good moods. Christina says that she likes it when Brice in town, except that they have to go to work every single day. The horror! CT interviews that he and Leah have been paired together for an assignment on "day trips and excursions," and that they're supposed to go to "Chateau Versailles." I've never heard it referred to as "Chateau Versailles" -- I think people usually leave off the "Chateau" part, or add a "de" in the middle. Ace says that he's the point person this week, and that he wants everyone to do all the work, and that he'll just email it in. Simon says he doesn't think that's going to happen, and asks what they're doing about day trips. Mallory interviews that the day-trips assignment is a mess, because they've all been lazy and they have no plan, but that she's going to go to Fontainebleau. Simon says they've got one, and asks what the others are going to do. Leah says that her excursion is going to be hanging out in the yard, tanning. CT interviews that Leah obviously doesn't want to go to Versailles, or anywhere for that matter. Leah kicks back in her lounge chair and sighs that this is so great.

Mallory, Adam, and Christina get on the train. Mallory says that, as a group, they're all pretty lazy, and that they just seem to be getting lazier. Christina interviews that everyone is getting apathetic, because it doesn't make sense to do the work when no one else is. There's something my mom would say here about a group of friends and a cliff, but I'll leave it at that. Adam says that employees will always do the minimal amount of work that is acceptable. Well, shitty employees will. And yes, sometimes shitty employees get promoted, or at least don't get fired. But especially when you are first starting out, it makes sense to go that extra step and get noticed. I'm so old. But I really did think this way when I was their age, as evidenced by the fact that I got, like, four promotions in four years. Mallory notes that Ace and Leah still get paid the same as everyone else, even though they don't do anything. Mallory says that they can only do the job that they choose to do, and Adam says that there's no incentive to do a good job. How about pride in your work? Or getting clips for your résumé or portfolio? It reminds me that one of my students asked me last week why she should stress out about school when she can do minimal work and get a C, and someone else can work really hard and get an A, but that they both end up with the same diploma. I didn't even know where to start with that one. I figured you either have a work ethic, or you don't, and it's not something that can really be taught. Mallory interviews that it's frustrating because people just go online and look up information, and then write about it, when the point is to get the roommates to go out and do things. How sad that they are living in France, for free, and they have to be forced to go out and do things. And even sadder that most of them they still don't do it.

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