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Strip For You

Adam, Christina, and Mallory arrive at Fontainebleau. Christina earns my undying love when she interviews, "People dream about stuff like this, and there are so many writers in the world that would kill to have this job, and I feel privileged." Thank you! The three roommates run around and take pictures. Christina jokes, "Napoleon, let us in for dinner!" Adam interviews that he wouldn't want to collect the check if he didn't do the work for real. They take a photo of a fountain of some dogs peeing. I totally want that fountain in my yard. They spot a merry-go-round across the street, and Christina says that they can use it as a "find."

CT calls his dad for some advice. CT explains about the assignment, and how he's partnered with Leah. CT says that they are supposed to go to "Chateau Versailles," which he explains is where "Louis VIII and IX and all that stuff lived." I don't think that's exactly right, but I'm going to assume CT will look that up before he writes his article. CT's dad acts like he knows exactly what CT is talking about. CT says that they aren't actually going to go there, and instead plan to go online to get information. CT says that he talked to Dave, who has been nothing but supportive and helpful, and now he feels guilty. CT's dad tells CT just to go and see it, because "there are things special that you'll see." CT says that he can't go, and CT interviews that he didn't plan ahead and give himself enough time to go. CT's dad advises him to "roll with it." CT says that he hates lying to Dave, though. CT says that he'll just make it up and roll with it. In a confessional, CT muses that he has to tell the truth, or it will eat away at him. Then he wonders what will happen when Leah hands in her assignment, and realizes that if he tells the truth, Leah will get busted. Do it! After some contemplation, CT announces that he's going to "go with [his] gut," but he doesn't explain what that means.

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Cinq. CT sits at the computer, and interviews that he took the tour of He adds that he's sure he would have had a lot more fun if he had actually gone there. You think? I can't believe that they turned down the chance to go to Versailles because they were just too lazy. I actually checked out the website he was looking at, and it was pretty lame, compared to what I know of the actual place, which is not much.

Ace makes some mixed drinks in a Snapple bottle. He interviews that they are going to "one of [his] favorite places in all the world, and that is the strip club." Mallory gets ready to go. Ace laughs with Adam that they are going to a strip club with four girls, a gay guy, and no money. Ace says that it's like going to the fair without any tickets. Leah hurries down the stairs as Ace hurries everyone out the door. Simon asks Christina if she has her drink, money, and condoms. I don't think she's going to need the condoms at the strip club. I don't think Simon will, either. CT stays behind to work on his article. As they walk out, Simon tells Christina that she looks like a whore, which he thinks is "so cool." She pretends to toss her drink on him.

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