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Strip For You

Leah sits at the computer. She asks Christina to help her, because she has "writer's block." Maybe if she had actually gone to Versailles, she would be more inspired. Mallory asks Leah if she really wants to take advice from "some hungover lush," and the girls all giggle. Christina says that they should do some research, and she pulls out a coffee-table book about France. Leah asks what the book is, and Christina calls it "a cheating book." She finds the pages on Versailles and starts reading. Leah asks why she's screaming. Christina asks if that's enough information, and Leah says that she actually needs Christina to feed her the information. Christina starts reading out facts, and Leah types them out word for word. Wow. If just using a source for background information and then not citing it wasn't bad enough, now she is just flat-out copying the book. I hope the author of the book sues her if this gets published. Christina looks at the pictures and says that she can't believe Leah didn't go. Leah looks and says that she really should go, because it's pretty. I thought I couldn't hate Leah any more, and now I do. As a teacher, and a writer, and a human being, I'm offended by her blatant plagiarism. If she got paid for that, I hope she had to give the money back.

Ace types at the computer. Christina walks in and asks where they are, and whether Ace needs help. Ace says that he's almost done, and that he only needs two more "finds." Ace interviews that he thinks he was the best point person so far. Ace sends off the email with their assignment attached. CT walks in and checks out an ice pack on Ace's knee. Is that a lapdance-related injury? CT interviews that he doesn't like lying, and that he's not very good at it. Well, we know that's true, based on his disastrous attempt at pretending he sent flowers to Leah. CT adds that he doesn't want it to backfire. So the real reason he doesn't want to lie isn't because he has any moral qualms. It's because he doesn't want to get caught.

Mallory and Christina see Ace at the train station. He's on the other side of the tracks, so they have to yell across. Ace asks what they're doing tonight. Mallory says they're just going to hang around, and asks if their assignments got submitted on time. Ace says that they did, and says goodbye. Christina asks Mallory if she wants to go with Ace, because they can go dressed as they are. Mallory says that he's probably meeting up with the strippers. She whispers "the strippers" like in St. Elmo's Fire when Mare Winningham's relatives whispered "cancer." Christina asks if Mallory is serious, and Mallory says she's pretty sure, but advises Christina not to take her word for it. Christina interviews that she thinks Ace and Mallory have feelings for each other, but that it's hard to combine them together. Mallory says that she wouldn't be surprised if Ace were meeting the strippers. Mallory interviews that Ace is "in need of a girl right now" because he's "going through some kind of withdrawal." Ace, meanwhile, is on a train, staring out a window.

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