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Strip For You

Christina tucks Ace into bed. Moments later, Christina asks Ace to come and sleep with her and Mallory, who are snuggling. Ace doesn't need to be asked twice. Ace gets behind Mallory, and she tells him to spoon her. Ugh, I just had a memory of Amaya ordering Colin, "Spooooooooon meeee!" Christina interviews that Mallory and Ace are on the down-low. Christina cracks me up sometimes. Mallory keeps telling Ace to spoon her better. Ace interviews that he loves to snuggle, but that he's nervous around a virgin, because he's never kissed a virgin. Really? Even when he was younger? Mallory and Ace hop into Ace's bed and start making out. Ace interviews that he loves kissing Mallory because she's a great kisser.

The next day, Ace and Mallory snuggle on a bed, fully clothed. Ace says that every time they kiss, Mallory doesn't talk to him for two or three days. Mallory says that's not true. Mallory interviews that she likes Ace and that, for the rest of their time in Paris, she wants to hang out with him as much as possible. Ace interviews that if he weren't dating Kate in the beginning, it would've been nice to date Mallory the whole time. Outside, Ace hops on Mallory's back and says he can't believe she can carry him. Mallory laughs that she's not sure she likes doing it. Ace says that every guy wants a girl like Mallory: "Hot, blue-eyed, brown [sic], tall, that can carry a man around." Mallory cracks up, and Ace says it's a piece of heaven.

Next week: It's the season finale and everyone's getting naked in the hot tub. Brice asks CT if he wrote and researched everything he handed in. I hope they get busted!

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