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Swiss Near Miss

Matt tells Mallory that he'll give her his brother's email address. Mallory jokes, "I email sixteen-year-olds." Leah gets all pissed and tells Mallory not to talk about her brother that way. Yeah, don't tell anyone his age! How dare you? Leah says she'll deck Mallory right now. Matt tells Leah that he made the joke, so she shouldn't take it out on Mallory. Leah kisses him on the cheek and walks away. Matt is like, "Holy shit," and Mallory's like, "Tell me about it, brother. I live with her." Just keep this incident in mind later when Leah thinks that none of her other friends feel that she is mean or out of control. Mallory interviews that she feels like a coward because she doesn't confront Leah.

The roommates leave the club, and Leah is loud and drunk. Everyone shushes Leah, because there are apartments and such nearby, and it's late. I'm sure that if those people live in apartments near a club, they're used to hearing obnoxious drunks hooting and hollering at all hours. I don't think that's just an American trait. But still, the roommates are well within their rights to tell Leah to keep it down. Christina interviews that she's been avoiding hanging out with Leah because she is loud and negative. Christina and Simon walk down the street holding hands. Christina cringes as Leah continues to yell; Christina points out that people are sleeping. Simon is wearing a black fedora pulled over one eye, a black leather coat, a black t-shirt, and several silver chains. He looks like a cross between one of the Sopranos and a member of the Smiths. Simon interviews that he hates Leah when she's being loud and not caring what others think. Christina says that she realizes that her culture is very loud. Wow, you just now realized that? Simon whispers back, "I live with six of you. I know." Hee!

The next day, men drive noisy scooters and yell, "Ciao!" In the hotel, Christina knocks on a door and tells Adam and Ace that checkout is in twenty minutes. Adam and Ace were sharing a bed! Not that there's anything wrong with two guys sharing a bed. It's just funny because it's Adam and Ace. It would be funnier if Christina opened the door and found Adam all curled up around Ace, who was dead asleep, and then Adam raised his head and shushed Christina. Leah sprawls on the bed and says that she's hurting. Christina keeps bitching at Leah to get up and get packed. Leah wonders why people drink alcohol. Christina says, "They're jackasses, when they have to be on a train for thirteen hours." Eesh. Christina interviews that they are leaving Rome and headed to Zermat, Switzerland. The roommates board the train. Adam interviews that they plan to go snowboarding in Switzerland.

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