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Swiss Near Miss

On the train or tram or whatever, Mallory and Christina talk about how much fun this will be. Mallory thinks that seeing Simon on a snowboard will be the best part of the trip. The roommates spot the Matterhorn and express excitement. Mallory, Simon, and Christina sit together, while Leah sits by herself. They reach the top of the mountain, and Adam goes for a run. He seems to know what he's doing, but I don't understand why he has his jacket sleeves pushed up, because it makes him look dumb. Christina helps Simon get his snowboard attached to his boots. Christina interviews that Simon looks good on a snowboard, as long as he's sitting down. Simon tries to go down the hill and immediately falls. Mallory interviews that this is her first time snowboarding. She also falls immediately. Mallory heads right for a giant rock and wipes out. Christina tries to instruct Simon and Mallory. Simon wipes out again and says that this is "the funniest thing [he's] ever done in [his] life." Mallory does a face plant. Christina wipes out. Well, at least they're having fun.

The roommates go out to dinner, but Chris decides to stay home and check his email. Leah asks whether Chris is coming, and when Ace tells her that he isn't, she does a silent fist-pump. Bitch. Mallory interviews that if Leah isn't willing to see why the others are upset, then there's nothing they can do. Mallory adds that if three people were upset with her, she'd want to know why. Didn't they already tell her why on the train, and she basically didn't care? Christina, Simon, and Mallory walk together while Leah hangs all over Ace.

The roommates, minus Chris, arrive at the restaurant, and there's an immediate squabble about whether they should all sit together. Leah is immediately defensive. Mallory says that Leah makes them all uncomfortable. Ace looks like he would rather be anywhere but at that table. Leah asks how, and Mallory says it's how Leah is -- very straightforward. Why not give specific examples? Christina begs Mallory to save it for another time. Mallory says she didn't want to do this now. Leah wants more details. Mallory says it's more about how Leah doesn't see herself. Mallory interviews that she wants Leah to know that her roommates feel attacked. Christina keeps urging them to wait and have this conversation back at the hotel. Christina is being louder than either Mallory or Leah. Mallory wonders if Leah hasn't noticed how uncomfortable everyone is around her. Leah says that Simon and the other guys don't seem uncomfortable. Mallory rats Simon out. Simon asks if they are really going to do this now. Simon interviews that Leah knew the other women were having problems, but that Leah didn't expect it from him. Leah wants to step outside because she "doesn't want to sit [there] and eat dinner with a bunch of people who feel uncomfortable around [her]." Ace looks like he wants to die.

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