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Swiss Near Miss

Leah sits at the computer. Mallory is standing right there, but they don't speak. Leah interviews that she's not ignoring Mallory, but that she's not engaging with her either. Is this junior high? Who doesn't speak to people when they're mad, for more than, like, ten minutes? Mallory and Leah finally talk. Mallory says that she wants things to be good, like they used to be. Leah says that she does, too. Mallory interviews that she wants resolution with Leah, but that she knows Leah is bitter. Mallory says that she loves being around Leah when she's happy and positive, but that sometimes Leah gets mad and it's scary because she has so much anger. Leah asks if Mallory thinks she likes being upset. Actually, I do think Leah likes it. Remember how happy she was to have a good reason to be mad at Chris? Mallory says it's hard to approach Leah, because she can't see things. Leah asks how Mallory knows that. Mallory says she's tried it. Leah is all, "When? How?" Leah totally doesn't listen and then gets all defensive. Leah interviews that Mallory is afraid of her and uses the excuse that Leah is unapproachable, which Leah doesn't feel is true. Whatever, Leah. Do you want people to fear you?

Leah asks what's so difficult about her. Mallory says that it's how Leah comes at her, and that Leah's not understanding. Basically, Mallory is saying that Leah has bitchface, and that it makes her unapproachable. Leah claims to be shocked that Mallory feels that way, despite the fact that it's exactly the same thing Mallory said in their discussion earlier this season that we saw in the previouslies. Leah says that this has never come up before, and no one has ever said that she's not understanding. Mallory says she's putting herself out there. Leah interviews that she doesn't know why Mallory is doing this, and that it's pointless, and that it's just Mallory talking and talking to make a moot point. Mallory says that she feels like Leah won't be okay with her. Leah bitches that it's totally fine, and walks off.

Next time: Christina and Ace fight. President Bush gives his speech about Iraq and Simon and Leah argue over United States intervention. Also, Leah seems to blame Saddam Hussein for the September 11th attacks. Which hardly makes her unique.

Over the credits, we get to see the roommates sledding in Switzerland and wiping out, which is awesome.

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