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Tack And Jibe

The roommates get home and Jacquese calls Brad back outside for a private discussion. Jacquese informs Brad that Cameran wants Brad to...and then Jacquese extends his fist. What? Cameran wants Brad to fist her? That seems unlikely. Or is he trying to use his fist to simulate Brad's giant penis? Brad says that he plans to close the deal about showing his dick. Jacquese says that he thinks the reason that Cameran wants to see Brad's dick is so that she can have sex with him. Yes, because penii (penises? ["penes" -- Wing Chun]) are so gorgeous that they drive women into a sexual frenzy on sight. Girl, please.

Brad walks in and says he can't get hard. Robin claims that she doesn't want to see it, and walks off. Brad whips it out anyway. Cameran squeals and runs away. Jamie interviews that she didn't see it, because she had passed out. Frankie interviews that she didn't see it, and doesn't care, but that Robin said that she was impressed. Robin interviews that Brad kept to his word. Well, that was exciting.

The roommates move out to the deck for more drinking. Randy interviews that before they knew it, it was 6:00 AM, and he realized that he needed to take the test seriously, once it was a few hours away. Well, good thing he realizes that now. Randy adds that he studied a little, and then went to sleep, and that the alarm clock went off three hours later, so he woke everyone up. Randy and Robin do some last-minute cramming. Randy asks Jamie to explain something to him. Jamie interviews that her roommates are nervous because they didn't study. Cameran interviews that some people take it more seriously than others, so she decided to go down to the dock an hour early to make sure that she knew what she was doing. Jacquese and Frankie walk down to the dock, and Jacquese says that either you know the material or you don't, and he feels like he does. Jacquese interviews that he's a Morehouse student, so he knows how to deal with these things. Oh, I see. At other colleges, people don't know how to study. Jacquese tells Frankie that when he fails something at school, his mother cuts him off financially for a few weeks, so he is used to studying for money.

Brian and Troy, the bosses, show up. Brian explains that the test is multiple choice. How can you fail that? Everyone grabs a test and starts writing. Frankie interviews that she knows she'll do okay, because she tests well and can memorize quickly. Brad interviews that he understands all the terms on the sheet, but is having trouble matching them with the definitions. So he doesn't really understand them. Cameran interviews that, at first glance, she thought she would be okay, but then she started getting lost. Cameran talks to herself about all the terms she doesn't know, and says that she's going to fail. Randy, Robin, and Frankie are done. Robin says that it's just like when you finish finals at school and just want to party. Cameran hands in her test and asks Troy not to think she's a failure if she failed the test. She is clearly used to using her cute little girl act to wiggle her way out of things. I hate that.

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