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Teck is the Cheese

Next, Teck once again demonstrates his need for a full length mirror by stating that he could "whoop everyone's ass in the house". Okay, I could take Teck. I think he weighs 100 pounds, soaking wet, right after eating a big dinner. Teck continues yelling and we go to commercial. See, this wasn't really that big of a fight, but by going to commercial, the producers make it seem like it lasted a long time. I'm on to 'em, I tell ya.

When they come back from commercial, Teck says, "Justin, I understand that you are frustrated because I didn't come back quickly. I felt that it wasn't a big deal since you were going to have the van all day. Obviously, we had some miscommunication, and I'm sorry." Then Justin says, "Teck, I hear that you felt I was talking down to you by saying you were out of line in that page. I'm sorry for that. Maybe in the future, to prevent other problems, we need to be more clear about our plans in terms of the van." Oops, I fell asleep during the commercial and dreamed that some of these people had conflict resolution skills. I was sadly mistaken.

Instead, Teck backs down and apologizes (guess he didn't want to open his can of whoop ass on Justin today -- thank God we were spared from the wrath of Teck). After Teck apologizes, Tetanus Girl says "You're forgiven. Can I just say one thing?" Um, Tetanus Girl? Butt out. This has nothing to do with you.

Ruthie books an act for the café: some friends of hers, since she's a local and all.

The roommates go to the University of Hawaii to hand out flyers for their show. Tetanus Girl uses her "charisma" to entice men to come to the show. She keeps telling people, "Even if you don't like the music, come to see me!" Sweetie, you want them to come to the show, not run away screaming. Teck talks to girls and Justin tells another guy, "Nice nails." Hey, at least he's more subtle than Tetanus Girl. Well, a giant pink elephant is more subtle than her.

Justin asks Teck why he is so confident, and Teck says that it's because he comes from such a great family. Teck says his dad is a cool motherf---r. Heh. I've never described my dad that way. What a great Father's Day card that would make -- "Happy Father's Day, Dad! You're a cool motherf---er!" Justin says he likes Teck.

Back at the café, it's time for the performance. Wonder Bread introduces the group, Teck is doing sound, and the group starts singing a "song for Jesus." Amaya is apparently supposed to be working behind the counter, but instead she gets all offended because she's "agnostic and a Jew." I didn't know you could be both, but what do I know? I have a few tips for Amaya here. One: you're not getting paid to like the music. Your job was not to book an act that you like. It was to book one that would draw in a big crowd, which this one did. Two: if you're so offended, maybe you could do some work next time. Ruthie booked the act and I didn't see you offering to help. Three: maybe it would help your boredom (she pretends to fall asleep a few times) if you actually did some work, like make a drink or wipe down a table. Four: for all your drama queen antics, I didn't see you handing back your share of the reward. And finally, shut up. I hate you.

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