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In Boston, the other roommates go to Spooky World, which Keri voice-overs is "a world of spooks." Heh. It's like a combination haunted house/amusement park. Oh my God! And it's run by New Orleans Julie's dad! Seriously, the guy who runs it looks just like him, right down to the creepy glasses and combover. The roommates go through a haunted house which, in the lights of the cameras, seems more cheesy than scary. But there are a lot of clowns, which are scary. And things jump out at you, and you get blasted with air, which would be scary if you were there. But not so scary to watch. In an interview, Kyle talks about how inspiring the haunted house is. I'm so sure that the roommates, with their incompetency and their limited budget, could pull off something like that haunted house. Did they see the cable access show in New Orleans, and how cheap it looked? If not, maybe they could borrow a tape from Julie's dad. I mean, he's right there.

Next, the roommates head up to Maine and sail on a boat. I'm not sure how that is supposed to be spooky. They all bond on the boat and hug and take pictures and go to a really nice hotel. While checking in, Kyle gets a message from Tonya to call him about props for the performance. In an interview, CJP says that she hasn't talked to Tonya on the phone, but it sounds like she's getting work done. In his room, Kyle comments that he has to call "Walls," and that it's sad that none of them have talked to her. Oh, Kyle. You're so sensitive. In an interview, Kyle says that he knows the group wouldn't have gotten along as well if Tonya had been on the trip. Chris answers the phone and Tonya baby-talks him for a while. In an interview, Chris says that Tonya is missing out and feels left out.

Down the hall, CJP, Aneesa, and Theo talk about Tonya. CJP says that she only protects Tonya because someone has to. Tonya is in charge of protecting herself. No one else has to. CJP feels guilty because she thinks that Tonya likes her a lot. In an interview, CJP says that Tonya has "a lot of wonderful characteristics." She thinks, but doesn’t say, "I can't think of any right now, but I'll get back to you." CJP does add that she would never choose Tonya as a friend. Aneesa says that Tonya is the odd one out in their situation, and that Tonya chooses that.

Back in Chicago, they must have let the artsy editor do this segment, because it's shots of Tonya driving the van and looking like she can't find her turn intercut with trains rushing by and interview footage. In an interview, Tonya says that she's very disappointed in her roommates, and that most of them are very superficial. Says the girl with the fake boobies and the boyfriend who goes to a tanning bed. Flashback to Theo telling Tonya off in the van, and revealing that everyone else talks shit behind Tonya's back. In an interview, Tonya says that she knew that her roommates would talk behind her back, and she should have been prepared for that. She vows not to let them know anything else about her so that they can just use it against her. For, like, one second there, I felt a little bit bad for Tonya. I mean, it does suck to be the odd one out, even if it's largely your own fault. And the girl obviously has problems. But don't worry. I'll get over it during the commercial break.

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