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Telling Stories

CJP gets out of the elevator. In an interview, Tonya says that CJP is good at talking behind people's backs but would never do it to anyone's face, and Tonya just opened up to CJP to make her feel better about herself. How did the knowledge of Tonya's breast implants make CJP feel better about herself? Was CJP sad because she had itty bitty titties and didn't understand how Tonya could be so thin and yet have a nice rack? Does she not understand the laws of nature? Tonya tells CJP (in front of Keri and Aneesa) that she made CJP feel better because CJP was struggling with an eating disorder. Tonya claims that she said, "Listen, that's why I took care of mine." I'm still not getting the whole eating disorder/breast implants connection, but I guess I should be happy that my brain doesn't work like Tonya's. CJP is shocked that Tonya thinks she has an eating disorder. In an interview, CJP thinks it's ironic that Tonya accused her of revealing a secret and in the same breath, revealed one of CJP's "secrets" (which CJP claims is not true). Tonya brings up the pedestal thing and Keri says that none of them ever put Tonya on a pedestal. Ha! Tonya says that it was a private conversation with CJP. CJP claims that all three women knew about Tonya's boobs, so she doesn't see why Tonya is singling her out as the one who must have revealed it. In an interview, CJP says that she doesn't deserve it, because she actually defended Tonya.

Out on the patio, Keri, Aneesa, and CJP smoke and discuss the situation. CJP says that she didn't reveal the boob information, and she also didn't deny the truth when it was brought up in conversation with the other roommates. Keri points out that CJP didn't reveal the secret, and she also avoided lying to her roommates, which would have been wrong, too. In an interview, Keri says that Tonya was closest to CJP of all of the roommates.

Back inside, CJP looks sad and Tonya struts around the loft. In an interview, CJP says that Tonya told all three women in the loft, so CJP doesn't understand why Tonya is blaming her. CJP points out that people can also figure out that Tonya has implants just by looking at her. Tonya tells CJP that she should have told the roommates that it wasn't their business. CJP claims that she did do that, but Tonya says that others say differently. Oh, really? Who in the loft is telling secrets? I think Tonya pulled that one out of her ass. Tonya stomps off, probably to call Justin and tell him how she stood up for herself.

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