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They're all back in the conference room. Elton says that they did a great job, and they pulled it all together, and they should give themselves a big hand. He continues to lavish praise on them, saying that he's proud of them, and that the set looked great, and that the music was great. In an interview, Jamie says that for the first time, the vibe at NOA-TV was a positive vibe. Elton tells them to imagine where they can go from here. Nowhere? Then he does the super-cheesy, "You deserve a round of applause" thing and makes them all clap for themselves. In an interview, Kelley says that Elton really is impressed and that she "got the old, 'Good job'" complete with double thumbs-up gesture. Julie is the only one who doesn't look very excited. In an interview, Julie yells that everyone is celebrating like it was the greatest show, and "first of all, the first show sucked!" She goes on to say that if she's the only person who saw that, then she's sorry, but it did. Well, way to bring everyone down. It wasn't THAT bad. I mean, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, I guess. The whole concept was bad, but the execution wasn't that bad. Julie asks Elton if they are going to be doing this every week, and every Saturday for the rest of their time in New Orleans. Elton says they are, and that they should start thinking about their second show because it's coming up real quick.

Back at Belfort, Kelley and David are sitting outside. Kelley asks David if he's going to produce the next show, and says that she thinks he should In an interview, Kelley explains that Elton wants each cast member to produce a show. David says he needs to figure out what they are doing and who is doing what. Kelley thinks that he should because he would do a good job. I think she just wants him to see how difficult a task being producer really is. It's her way of getting revenge. David admits that he has "a pad full of stuff." In an interview, David says that when Kelley produced the show, he saw both good and bad things, and he learned from the bad things, so he has more confidence now. I didn't know that it was possible for David to have more confidence in himself.

It's morning at Belfort. Melissa's hair is suddenly much longer than it was the day before, leading me to believe that this is not the day after their first show at all. Melissa tells Kelley (who is clad only in a towel) that "it's really embarrassing." In an interview, Melissa says that she found out by talking to "random people in the community" that people who saw the show thought that they were "seven brats talking about things they know nothing about" since they have "been in New Orleans for two seconds." Kelley says that the first show is gone, but Melissa says it will live on in reruns, and that people have been watching it. Kelley just laughs. Melissa says she's going to send out a public-service announcement that says that they were just kidding with that first show, and that it was a joke. Kelley says that would be great. That was such a weird scene. Why did they include it here? Were they trying to preclude all of us saying all the criticisms that Melissa just said? I hope the relevance is revealed later on, because I don't get it.

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