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The Bad Rap Video

Danny and Kelley leave the control booth, napkin-wrapped sodas in hand, to confront David on the scatting issue. Kelley says that David needs to go into the studio, sit down, and answer the five questions. But then she blows it by adding, "Do you mind doing that?" No! Don't give him a choice! Tell him either he does it or he's out. Ugh. David says he's "going to have to flow it" and that Kelley told him to pick five questions. I don't even know what "flow it" means. I suspect David doesn't either. Kelley asks him what questions he answered because she didn't hear any answers in his tape. Unless the question was, "Can you make the most embarrassing faces possible while scatting and singing a rip-off of a song from Guys and Dolls?" David says that she doesn't understand how he answered the questions because it's "a whole different perspective, a whole different flow." Someone needs to ban the word "flow" from David's vocabulary. Kelley says that if she was watching the show, she wouldn't understand. David says that's just her, and that she comes from a different perspective, and that "people that can understand flow" will get it. Danny just stands there. Way to back up your friend, Danny! Kelley says that everyone else sat in a chair with a mike. David agress that that's what everyone else did, implying that he wants to be different. Danny finally speaks up to tell him that's the format. Kelley says they have to work together. Up until now, Kelley has been doing pretty well, but then she makes a tactical error by accusing David of being "difficult just to be difficult." David gets all defensive and says that he's not. Kelley tells him to go in and answer the questions.

In an interview, David says, "Ain't nobody gonna back me down. You can stand up to me, you can say your views and everything, but when it comes down to it, I'm gonna get my way." I seriously wish this season could have a follow-up episode where we get to see these people in their first real jobs, and they try to pull this shit, and their asses get canned. We'll see how David "flows" then. Kelley is getting emotional and says that she wanted everyone to pick some questions and then she would "break it down," and that if David had listened, he would have heard that. David asks, "Where is the break down at?" Kelley gets frustrated and tells David to "screw the whole thing" and starts to walk away. David says, "Yeah, roll it. That's how it's going to be." Everyone walks away, and nothing was resolved. Have I mentioned lately that I hate David? Because I do.

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