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The Bad Rap Video

Jamie and Julie are walking down the street. Jamie says that if people tell him what to do, he will do it, but he doesn't want to "exist in the office" just to make them all feel...and Julie butts in with, "equally, yeah." Jamie says that they should "delegate responsibilities and we'll get it done." Julie says that she was really happy yesterday because she's going to do the editing and now she has a purpose. Jamie feels there is "too much micro-management" and that "everybody has to be involved with everybody else's thing." He says he trusts Julie to do the editing and do it well. In an interview, Kelley says that Jamie has an "uncanny way of slipping through the cracks" and she falls for it, and that even though she's angry, she doesn't say anything. Jamie and Julie are sitting on a wall somewhere, and he tells her to keep some perspective because nothing about this show is worth getting angry or pissed off about because in the end, it means nothing. And while he has a point, you'd think that they would want to work a little harder out of some loyalty to Kelley, to whom it does matter a great deal; she has made no secret of that fact. Jamie asks Julie what time it is, and she says she doesn't know, but that they should probably get back. I was sure that they were going to be late, but instead this whole segment seems to have had no point, unless it was setting up a future Kelley vs. Jamie conflict.

Matt is working on his set design, which actually doesn't look half bad. One side has a bunch of clouds in the sky, and then the logo is in the middle, and the other side has a bunch of twinkly lights so that it looks like stars. It's forty minutes to show time, and they are still working on the set? In an interview, Danny says that Matt spent "hours and hours working on the set" and that Matt is "really interested in giving the show a professional look." Melissa walks up and says it's a great set. In an interview, Melissa says she was "thoroughly worried." We see Melissa sitting in her chair on the set whining, "It's going to be really bad." Well, that's the way to rally the troops! The interview continues with Melissa saying that the only thing they can hope for is a miracle. Kelley stands by a camera, holding a clipboard and looking concerned. Danny tells Melissa she has a bad attitude. In an interview, Melissa says that at this point it's out of her hands. In an interview, Julie says that the first show is going to suck, she guarantees it. Well, another little Miss Sunshine, huh? With positive attitudes like that, I'm sure things will turn out nicely. David leads a "Real Seven" cheer and then Elton tells them to take a deep breath. The stage manager starts counting down, "Six! Five!" In an interview, David says, "This is it! This is it!" The stage manager yells, "Four! Three!" and then does the Wayne's World silent "two" and "one" and points at them. The camera pans over to Matt, Melissa, Kelley and David sitting in four chairs, with Danny crouched down inexplicably between them, like couldn't they afford a fifth chair? I ponder such mysteries over the commercial break.

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