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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

Lori writes in her journal. She voice-overs that she has nothing to lose in letting Kevin know that she's attracted to him. She theorizes that maybe she's more attracted to him than he is to her, or that maybe he's not attracted to her at all. She concludes, "What do I have to lose, really?" Her dignity? Just guessing.

Lori and Kevin sit up on the roof and snuggle. In an interview, Kevin says that there are "certain parts of Lori that [he's] very attracted to." I can only guess. In an interview, Lori says that their sexual attraction "has come to a climax." Ooh, poor word choice. Lori tells Kevin that she didn't want to talk to him about it, because she was enjoying the possibility and the tension. In an interview, Lori says, "[Kevin] seems interested in hooking up, and [she] would just like to kiss him now." They totally cut the rest of her sentence, which could have been, "But I'm not going to when he's being such a tease." Because that's what he is, you know. He rubs up against her, and cuddles with her, and talks about how attracted he is to her, but then refuses to follow through. He's a tease. Kevin says that he doesn't want to start something when they're going to be living together. Kevin tells Lori that they should just be cool, and that if they end up kissing, it will happen. In an interview, Lori says that Kevin is giving her mixed messages, because even though he says that he's not interested, he also says that they will kiss. Totally.

Rachel, Mike, and Kevin eat at a Chinese restaurant. Rachel tells Mike that he needs to think before he talks. In a confessional, Mike says that he really didn't mean to offend Coral or Malik, but that he did offend them. God, I'm already tired of this story line. We all know that Mike said a stupid, racist thing. We all know that he's sorry. Coral can choose whether she forgives him, and then we can move on. Kevin advises Mike to talk to Coral. In an interview, Kevin says that he doesn't want Mike to become the outcast of the house. Rachel advises Mike to make an effort with Coral. Mike wanted to wait until Coral was in a better mood.

In a confessional, Mike says that he was scared to talk to Coral. Mike walks up to Coral and bumbles and stumbles an apology, sort of. Coral says that she had no option but to ignore him. She tells Mike that he needs to step up and apologize. In an interview, Coral says that Mike isn't mean, but that he doesn't know better. Yes, we got it. Coral tells Mike that he should tell her if she makes him mad, because it's a two-way street, and she's not perfect. In an interview, Malik whispers that living together is going to change them all. Seriously, he is so soft-spoken. Mike and Coral hug. Well, that story line is over, at least.

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